Great Election Results in the Township, some post-election thoughts…. and then Voter Turnout throughout the lower mainland!

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In what can only be described as a very dirty and distasteful election campaign initiated by a few individuals with deep personal hatred issues, the targets of that hatred took the high road and won! A review of poll by poll results speaks volumes in support of the wishes of Township of Langley residents wanting good transparent government to get things done! 

We have seen how a series of FOUR year terms, has affected our growing municipality. Depending on which numbers you want to look at, our population has increased by about 40,000 people in ten years or 5,000 per year, or about 20,000 during one FOUR year term. Losing the capacity or will to improve the necessary infrastructure year after year on the heels of approving a massive increase in development – well, have seen the result.

The sad reality is our municipality has been, up to now, run by power brokers and self-interested individuals with insider connections, unbeknown to innocent tax payers. I found out about the real corruption going on in the Township of Langley as Mayor with nobody on council willing to support the need for change. With no support for the change we needed back then, we have what we have today.

Nobody can say there wasn’t a clear choice in this year’s election. The Whitmarsh, Coleman, and Sparrow campaigns were effectively campaigning to keep the status quo – and from my perspective their campaigns were very poor by any effective campaign standards. On the Coleman campaign, I was waiting for another shoe to drop, and it never came. Given Rich Coleman’s political experience I couldn’t believe they ran such a poor and ineffective campaign – from messaging to signage to design and graphics it left one wondering what was this was all about? What did they plan to achieve?

In my 45 years of experience, the Contract with Langley campaign was outstanding. Everything from the volume of Social Media, to Print Media, to graphics, their messaging and their platform, all with an excellent presentation. From on-line videos featuring Eric Woodward and each of the team’s candidates, to endorsements by user groups, to live streaming community Town Halls, to on-site videos of their community initiatives in their platform, as well as speaking directly to residents of the Township of Langley. Most important they answered all of the obvious questions in a very public way. So to their incredibly successful results:

Eric Woodward topped all polls except one.

Contract with Langley Councillors filled 5 of the top 6 spots on Council.

Contract with Langley candidate Barb Martens topped the polls in her first try.

Despite a clique of angry Fort Langley residents Eric Woodward topped the Fort Langley Poll.

Despite a clique of angry Fort Langley residents Contract with Langley candidates did very well in the Fort Langley Poll.

Contract with Langley candidates became the first slate / team to get elected in the Township in over 20 years!

All three Contract with Langley School Board candidates won a spot on School Board.

2 of the 3 Contract with Langley School Board Candidates topped the polls.

So now what, where do we go from here?

Contract with Langley ran a great campaign, and obviously based on my BLOG Posts and endorsements we supported their team plus two independents. (7 of 9 that we endorsed won in the election) So now the pressure is on; they have the mandate they wanted, they have the mandate they needed to get things done. They know what they have to do now to deliver on their campaign promises, the residents of the Township will be watching, there are no excuses. I argued in favor of their team, knowing what is necessary for a Council to move our community forward. It is their time to show they deserved our trust.

This election stands to be the most transformative election in our history, and that is not hyperbole!  

What about Voter Turnout throughout the Lower Mainland? It is shocking!

As we have repeatedly warned our readers, elections have consequences. Reviewing the election results throughout the Lower Mainland sends a very concerning message. As we know, Municipal election turnout has not been great over many elections. Having said that as you can see below, 22 Municipalities / Cities reflect a decline in voter turnout, some greater than others. In one City close to home, it has hit rock bottom which doesn’t say much about the newly elected Mayor and Council.

What can be done about the low turnout in Municipal elections? Have we reached the point that there should be a penalty for not voting or conversely a bonus / credit for voting?

I am sure most people have heard that your Municipal / City government have the singular biggest effect on your families daily lives. When you analyze voter turnout numbers there can be a number of qualifications or reasons that align with any respective turnout number. Obviously a Mayoral contest raises the interest, the number of candidates (especially for Mayor) raises the interest, and high-profile local issues raises the interest, but despite all of that it doesn’t alter the question – Why are our Municipal elections drawing such little interest? There are some interesting conclusions that can be drawn, especially one close to home.

Here is a list of 22 Municipalities and Cities throughout the Lower Mainland, all showing a decrease in voter turnout vs 2018 of eligible voters, some more than others:

Belcarra – 74.6% turnout – down 10.1%      

Anmore – 50.8% turnout – down 1.2% 

Vancouver – 36% turnout – down 3.1%

West Vancouver – 35% turnout – down 2.7%

City of Surrey – 34% turnout – down 1.6%

Port Moody – 31% turnout – down 5.9%

City of White Rock – 29.4% turnout – down 10.2%

City of Delta – 28.5% turnout – down – 14.3%

City of New Westminster – 27.3% turnout – down .02%

Township of Langley – 26.5% turnout – down 3.9%

City of Richmond – 24.5% turnout – down 12%

City of Abbotsford – 23.6% turnout – down 12.3%

District of North Vancouver – 23.5% turnout – down 13.!%

Pitt Meadows – 23.3 % turnout – down 16.9%

City of Chilliwack – 24.7% turnout – down 14.3%

City of North Vancouver – 22.4% turnout – down 11.4%

City of Mission – 21.9% turnout – down 9.8%

City of Maple Ridge – 21.5% turnout – down 12%

City of Coquitlam – 20.1% turnout – down 5.2%                      

City of Burnaby – 19.3 % turnout – down 12.7%

Port Coquitlam – 18.3% turnout – down 9.8%

City of Langley – 17% turnout – down 8.2%

NOTE: City of Langley: A number of conclusions / opinions can be drawn from these election results. Yes, you can say a win is a win – however those that disregard the reality of election voter turnout, does so at their peril. Looking at the City of Langley turnout numbers, it screams “None of the Above”!

A reality check for the City of Langley – Think about it – 22,166 eligible voters and you win with 2,434 votes and your opposition receives 1,290 votes. Put it another way 1 in 6 eligible voters cast their ballot – or 1 in over 9 voters who cast their ballot did so for the winner, that is nothing short of embarrassing! If I was the elected Mayor I would be alarmed!

Summary: Elections have Consequences! Remember we are electing our councils for FOUR years in today’s world which can be very impactful, either negative or positive? From my observation our elections have taken on a different impact which has yet to be realized by the public.


More interesting 2022 Municipal Election News coming soon!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

  1. David Bridges says:

    Amazing and very well-written analysis of the TOL election results and very insightful commentary on voter turnout throughout the LM, Rick. Thanks!

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