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On behalf of the Green Family we would like to extend our sincerest wishes to ALL of our readers for a VERY Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year! To the election – No matter how many times one goes through an election (and I have gone through too many) as a candidate or manager it takes time to decompress and organize your thoughts post-election!

I apologize for the delay in getting this Post out, just a lot to think about. So after much thought and consideration, we are back, refreshed and loaded for bear!! I want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of those that worked so hard on our behalf in the Municipal Election just passed. Your support assisted in bringing some conscience to the issues affecting the Township of Langley. Those issues have not changed, so despite the result (although we have to be pleased with the defeat of three members of the past Council) we have to recommit our energy to hold members of Council accountable for their actions!

So as I said, after much thought (recognizing the number of hours needed on my part to devote to research and writing) will be back, energized more than ever! The actions of this Council, our Provincial Government and our Federal Government, as they affect our Township of Langley, will determine what will be written in this space in an effort to communicate to and educating of our residents pro OR con! As always, we will be utilizing my own personal knowledge and experience from the inside as well as that of numerous sources, Freedom of Information, those elected as well as that of staff past and present. Our sources will always remain confidential, but trust me our information will be factual and the basis of any of our propositions worthy of serious consideration.

So what’s ahead? Here is a bit of a teaser list of hot button issues we are working on at present –

UPDATE – Our first will start January 2nd 9th (or before) 2015. In no particular order – WHAT IS COMING the first of the New Year?

Post-Election – Post Mortem – So what are some of the behind the scene stories that occurred leading up to and those that occurred during Campaign 2014? For the record none of this is sour grapes despite the fact some will accuse me of just that. My message to those is the same as before, if you disagree with me, great, but do so arguing the facts not fictional hyperbole! What I lay out in this BLOG are the facts, if you choose to ignore, dismiss or otherwise criticize them out of hand as opposed to possibly learning from the information provided, so be it! There are some interesting actions done during this election campaign that in my opinion crosses the line into being unethical, immoral, illegal and/or just fundamentally wrong more than anything else. You can decide for yourself. IF much of what has happened during election campaigns over the past couple of decades in the Township continues in the years ahead, taxpayers should be very concerned about their democracy being hijacked in the interest of a special few. Some interesting content that I am willing to bet many do not know or haven’t considered the serious implications of will be profiled.

Proposed Referendum on the Translink Tax (Sorry, that is what it is!) and Transit as it affects the Township – I have already taken a strong stand on the whole issue / idea of a Referendum within Metro Vancouver, and for good reason. Having said that, now that we know the question and the proposal there is much more to be said and considered BEFORE we vote! From all early reports we read that those on the YES side are saying this is NOT a Translink Vote BUT a Transit Vote! Nothing could be further from the truth. Stay tuned.

Sale of Taxpayer Owned assets to fund future Capital Projects / Aldergrove Pool?– During the recent election campaign a hot button issue was the Aldergrove Pool project and rightfully so. This project has been promised going back a number years during every election. There is much to be said about this proposal, including size, concept, services, location as well as misinformation coming out of Council which has fed its desire to delay the project as much as possible. Council is directly responsible! Stay tuned!

Mayors Red Herring – Task Force on Public Engagement – You know politics is an interesting endeavor. You can run on a meaningful platform of issues that forms and meets your commitment made during an election; or there are those who’s want to be re-elected trumps their commitment to the promises made to the public during the election campaign itself. A Task Force on Public Engagement – WHAT? How about utilizing the legislated resources currently available within the Community Charter? Public Meetings? – Public Hearings? – Petitions? – And Public Input? OH Yes and the key ingredient in all of this is “Listening” to the taxpayer! What a foreign concept.

Willoughby – Development – Density – Parking and Poor Community Planning! Unfortunately the election did not produce the necessary results to drive home some common sense into our Mayor and the majority of the elected Council. The weight of many of our communities will now rest on the shoulders of a few on Council. While I know and understand that residents like to see our Council get along, the questions has to be asked – At what Price? Take it from me, being a part of a minority voice on Council, carrying the banner and fighting for what is right IS NOT easy and comes at a price; however not taking up that fight and just voting against something frankly doesn’t cut it. We can only hope that our three member minority will have the strength to stand up for what they ran on during the election!

Once again…. Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in 2015!


Stay tuned for the above topics to be published the first of 2015 and much more….!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed and stay involved!!!

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