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My list of achievements displays my will to fight for our residents in the face of wrong doing and the absolute necessity of being honest and transparent in our deliberations and decisions. I am very proud of that fact. Uncovering the serious issues surrounding the Langley Events Center, Mufford Crescent Diversion, Athenry Development, Forewest Devlopment and more demanded the public be told THE TRUTH, and that is exactly what I did! Mayor Rick Green’s List of Achievements over TWO + Years!

  • Stopped Provincial Government Gravel Mining Plans for Brown’s Pit – The Provincial Government had expressed an interest in re-activating Browns Pit to supply gravel needs for the Gateway Program. We worked with the immediate affected community residents and campaigned directly to the Provincial Government through our MLAs and media to STOP any intentions to re-activate this venue. Supported residents in their media campaign. Listened to the community!
  • Stopped 224th Street Feed Lot – Worked with staff to ensure any plans to establish a feed lot addressed a number of Township Residents and Township needs and protections in the areas of roads, environment, ground water and stream protection. We worked to ensure the number of cattle was limited to net area affected. With small acreages it is important that we work for the benefit of the majority in so many sensitive areas. Listened to the community!
  • Renewed Inter-urban rail passenger rights – Uncovered a previously unknown Master Agreement that secured passenger rights on the Pratt Livingston Corridor, through the Langleys, that was due to expire Aug. 29th We uncovered it 4 months before it was lost forever and under the terms of the agreement we lobbied all municipal councils to assist us in lobbying the President of B.C. Hydro and our MLAs South of the Fraser to renew those rights. Those rights were secured for the people of B.C. in June of 2009! The result of listening to key members of our community!
  • Established the South of Fraser Community Rail Task Force- With the renewal of passenger rights on the Inter-Urban Corridor we established a Task Force as I promised in the election which has been supported by all cities and municipalities South of the Fraser including our three post secondary institutions. This Task Force was created to lobby senior levels of government and transit providers with a united voice for the much need improvements to our transportation network. An initiative of mine that involved communities from Delta through to Chilliwack!
  • Stopped the Mufford Crescent Diversion – As promised during the last election we brought a previously unknown road and overpass network, but secretly applied for to the ALC and conditionally approved, back to public open houses and a public meeting. After a 98% rejection from over 1,000 residents through community consultation council still approved through two significant votes, despite public anger. In response to the proponents submission in answer to the 9 conditions, I along with a community committee corrected the inaccuracies in their report. The ALC rejected the application based primarily on those corrections we submitted. We stood firm against Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation, Translink, B.C. Gov’t, City of Langley, Council, 12 Funding Partners, the ALC and WE WON! Stood firm against senior levels of government, provincial agencies and the Municipalities of Delta, Surrey, Langley City and the bureaucracy of Langley Township in favor of 95% of the 1,400 + of Township residents who came out against this project.
  • New Responsible Water Management Plan – Prior to the 2008 election there was a draft water management plan slated for approval that incorporated a number of very contentious changes, including metered private wells, to the current regulations. We revisited that plan and approved a New Water Management Plan that has been passed and sent to Victoria. We also approved some preliminary funding to cap some free flowing artesian wells. Listened to a petition of over 3,500 residents initiated by Penny Anderlini, a South Langley pioneer farming family!
  • Proposed Fish Farm in South Langley – Worked with residents, township staff and regulatory authorities to ensure we prevented the gravel mining of a proposed fish farm site in South Langley. This proposal was stopped but has since restarted albeit limited to the extraction of approximately 6,000 cu metres. This type of permissible activity in the ALR must stop and we will continue our lobbying to provincial and federal authorities to remove it as a permitted use or at the very least put it into the hands of the Municipal government. We have since been advised that the Federal Government has taken over responsibility for coastal and in-land fish resources. They have been issued their Federal License. Listened to residents!
  • Initiated public engagement process for the protection of an expanded Noel Booth Park- This site was targeted by the Township as a fill site, a proposal that was a hot issue in the community on or about 2004. I initiated separate conversations with about seven residents who clearly expressed their wishes for an expanded Noel Booth park. These conversations led to a series of meetings with senior staff and a series of public engagement sessions that led to the protection of the site as a passive park for the community. Listened and acted in support of residents of Brookswood!
  • New Core Aldergrove Community Plan – As promised during the last election we made the Aldergrove Community Plan a priority. I introduced a dramatic change in our community planning process by working with staff to introduce the concept of an Aldergrove Community Planning Committee. This change was presented through a staff report to council and adopted. The committee consisted of members of the community; business, residents and association representatives who were instrumental in council adopting and giving final reading to this document last fall. Acted on a campaign promise to change the process of Community Planning. (After my loss in 2011 the Township have gone back to top down planning)
  • GVWD Water into Gloucester and Aldergrove – As promised in the 2008 election we brought back the essential element to allow for the growth of Aldergrove and expansion of Gloucester. GVWD water is also essential to take the pressure off of the declining aquifers throughout the Township of Langley. Council approved the route and it is now well under construction. This was considered a priority as it’s implications are supporting needed growth and development in residential, commercial and industrial as well as the protection of our environment. Initiated the long promised but never initiated Metro Water line into east Langley. This project was and is essential for development and growth, commercial and residential.
  • Repatriated Land Fills on Agricultural Land back to the Township of Langley – Township of Langley residents had been told for years that Landfill on ALR land was the responsibility of the ALR. That was and is Residents were mislead. Through significant due diligence we uncovered that it was the decision of the past municipal council to transfer their responsibility to the ALC contrary to their legislated responsibility. That was stopped and is now back in the hands of the Township of Langley. Listened to residents throughout rural Langley who had long complained but never addressed by Council.
  • Fought to ensure the Aldergrove Border Crossing was kept open for trucks – Worked on a community, business and municipal committee to stop the planned closure of this crossing for truck traffic. Construction of the expansion of this facility is well under way. This was very important to the economic development of the Township of Langley. Worked with adjoining Municipalities in putting together a community/business committee as well as a political lobbying group (Mayors and other elected representatives) to ensure this crossing was protected for future truck traffic.
  • Joint Langley Police Board Committee – Established a Joint Police Board Committee consisting of the two Mayors, two CAOs, our RCMP Superintendent and an Inspector. This committee dealt with reviewing policing issues from a high level designed to be pre-emptive on policing needs in the Langleys. Through this committee and the CCJR Committee, a prolific offender program has been launched. Listened to the needs of our community to provide a safe and secure environment through this pro-active community initiative. This ceased to operate after the 2011 election.
  • New “Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform Committee” – Originated by Township of Langley resident Carol Mills and MP Mark Warawa, this committee was established at the start of our mandate and included representatives from all levels of government, both Mayors, policing and fire from Surrey, Langleys and Abbotsford along with well known Criminal Justice advocate Darryl Plecas and other community leaders. Significant advancements have been derived in policing and senior government lobbying through this committee. A community pro-active initiative.
  • Created an Open and Transparent Township of Langley Property Inventory – As promised in the 2008 election campaign I had staff create and make available to the public a complete property portfolio providing pictures and property information. This is available through the Township of Langley Real Estate department. Never before available, this initiative laid out in complete detail the Township of Langley property portfolio estimated to be valued at $500,000,000. Previously not available to the public.
  • Initiated NEW bylaw controlling metal theft that resulted in Province wide legislation – Due to some serious cases of metal theft that resulted in some serious public safety issues (Township at the time considered central to this problem) I went on Global TV to discuss the serious problem we had. In my effort to have our bylaws reviewed I was publicly chastised by Councillors Bateman and Fox suggesting we had a crime problem not a bylaw problem. I was persistent in getting that passed and through our initiative we held a region wide meeting for police, Telus, bylaw officers and fire with the result of our Municipality adopting a resolution to UBCM calling for Province Wide legislation. UBCM adopted our resolution unanimously. That call was heard by Victoria and we were successful in getting that province wide legislation passed. Credit must go to Bill Storey our Director of Bylaws for spearheading this initiative. Listened to a community problem and took steps to find a solution for ourselves but more important throughout the Province of B.C.
  • Created and established the “Langley Healthier Community Partnership Council” – Together with the City of Langley we created the Langley Healthier Community Partnership Council which is co-chaired by both Mayors and Lois Dixon from Fraser Health. This initiative was about bringing ALL agencies together with a common purpose to find new and creative ways to make our communities healthier. This affects all aspects of our living environment. Another pro-active initiative to create a healthier community in partnership with Fraser Health.
  • Encouraged Citizens to launch a campaign against the 208th Street Truck Route – Residents living on or around the 208th Street corridor approached me for help in their campaign against this initiative. In response to their request I offered advice that led to  their email, petition and open house turnout to fight what was being proposed. The residents compiled a petition of 2,200 signatures and an attendance of close to 700 at the Open House held at the LEC. The proposed truck route was defeated by council. This community action was initiated in response to a visit of 25 community residents to one of my Monthly Town Hall meetings held at the Willoughby Hall.
  • Exposed the serious financial issues surrounding the Langley Events Center – Living up to what I promised during the last election I issued a press release surrounding the extensive problematic issues surrounding the Langley Events Center. Full detail surrounding this issue was ultimately provided by Press Release. Made public the financial wrong doing behind the development of the Langley Events Center in keeping with my promise of public transparency.
  • Initiated the discussion and creation of the Walnut Grove Business Association – Working with a couple of major business owners in the Walnut Grove area we provided some Township of Langley resources which were instrumental in the Creation of the Walnut Grove Business Association now numbering over 100 members. This association is proving to be very beneficial in a wide variety of ways in business development, crime information and communication and municipal two-way communication. In response to a telephone call from Ron Knight, owner of McDonalds Restaurants in Walnut Grove and Port Kells I initiated and chaired the first couple of information meetings at the LEC of prospective members of what I wanted to see develop – The Walnut Grove Business Association.
  • Initiated the discussion and creation of the Aldergrove Business AssociationWorking closely with and being encouraged by the Walnut Grove Business Association, Aldergrove businesses have taken the same step as Walnut Grove.  Supported by and with some Township of Langley resources, which were instrumental, Aldergrove is well on their way to create the same vehicle. This association is proving to be very beneficial in a wide variety of ways in business development, crime information and communication and municipal two-way communication. Following the template we used in Walnut Grove we initiated the same campaign in Aldergrove which successfully formed the Aldergrove Business Association.
  • Mayor’s Monthly Public Forum As promised during the 2008 election I held monthly Mayor’s Forums which attracted over 1,000 residents in the first two years. This was a drop-in session designed to be informal and to engage the public in a dialogue on individual and collective issues in the community with the Mayor. Delivered on my campaign promise!
  • Langley Agriculture Trust FoundationThe Township of Langley has created the Langley Agriculture Trust Foundation which is being managed by a Community Board of Directors. This initiative was designed to help promote and fund agriculture improvements within the Township going forward. A pro-active initiative supporting Agriculture in the Township of Langley.
  • Re-Activated the Langley Horse FederationI worked with previously involved prominent citizens of the Township of Langley in the promotion of the previously approved Langley Horse Strategy (by council circa 1996) These residents are now back, actively involved in the Langley Horse Federation with a new community based board of directors who are energized to revisit this important Langley initiative. An important element of their work will be building and adding to our agriculture / horse economic development opportunities. A pro-active initiative to support the equine industry in the Township of Langley know with the moniker “The Horse Capital of B.C.” They initiated a Town hall Meeting at the Langley Events Center supported by the Township, of over 300 industry representatives which dealt with a priority list of needs.
  • Metro Vancouver Food StrategyAs Vice Chair of the Metro Vancouver Agriculture Committee I am proud to have played a major role in the development of the Metro Vancouver Food Strategy. This is an important initiative which is designed to raise the profile and importance of our agriculture, food production and food distribution system. This strategy was the result of an initiative sponsored by our metro Agricultural Committee of which I was Vice-Chair.
  • Metro Vancouver Regional Growth StrategyAs a Director of Metro Vancouver I played a major role in the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy which has been very closely addressed by the Township of Langley Municipal Council and Staff. This is a provincially mandated initiative that, through our input, protects the Township of Langley and the region’s residents quality of life and liveability. This was a hotly discussed and debated provincially mandated initiative which ultimately resulted in unanimous support by all Metro Directors and ALL Municipal Councils. Approved in 2011.
  • Translink Transit Service to Gloucester Industrial Park / Aldergrove Corridor For over 30 years the Township of Langley has ignored the Transit needs of one of the regions largest industrial parks. There are 8,000 to 10,000 employees per day in and out of that park. On my initiative, working with Translink, Gloucester property owners and the Aldergrove Business Association, we conducted a comprehensive survey of their transit needs. Gloucester property owners are contributing $1.4 million in Translink Property Tax levies without so much as a bus to show for it. An initiative by myself in conjunction with businesses in Gloucester to find a solution for the lack of ANY bus transportation in and out of Gloucester. A $1.4 million investment into Translink coffers without a bus to show for it.

There is a lot of gossip, rumor and innuendo being spread by my opposition in this campaign, I find that very unfortunate. A read through my list of achievements demonstrates a Mayor that fought for residents and I don’t apologize for that. In office the easy decision is to go with the flow and don’t rock the boat, I happen to believe residents deserve better. If there are any questions I would be pleased to answer them. Contact me at 604 607-7338 or 604 309-7795 Thank You

Mayor Froese in finally recognizing the anger directed at him and this Council for their actions in Brookswood is now striking out in a sad, and frankly very desperate, fashion. Calling a Press Conference this Friday morning, Mayor Froese attempted to 1) Deflect blame from where blame should be directed on the Brookswood issue and 2) and NOW he is planning to revamp the Planning Process? Did I hear all of this correctly?

This will be short and sweet – The Facts! Don’t believe me, believe the Council Minutes!!!

One – In May of 2011 the Municipal Council of the day dealt with the Brookswood issue and I was absent! Minutes show who was at Council that day and approved the Brookswood Plan makeup and exactly what they approved.

(For the record I was away for two consecutive meetings due to me daughter’s serious life threatening illness. I am sure the residents of the Township forgave my absence.)

“When the petition from landowners to initiate a neighborhood plan process came before council on Feb. 14th, 2011, Green voted in favor of a motion to refer the petition to staff for a report on the implications of that idea.” Langley Times Nov. 7th. Confirmation of that fact has been reported in the both local papers.

Township of Langley Minutes / Verbatim copy follows of items pertinent to this issue. You can access the minutes through the Township of Langley archive web-site.

Regular Afternoon Meeting of Township Council

Monday. May 30th, 2011 at 3:00 PM

PRESENT: Acting Mayor, M. Kositsky

Councillors J. Bateman, B. Dornan, S. Ferguson, C. Fox, B. Long and G. Ward

Absent – Mayor Green and Councillor Richter

B. 1.

Griffith Neighborhood Advisory Group

Request by the Griffith Neighborhood Advisory Group to appear before Council to answer any questions with regards to the Brookswood/Fernridge Neighborhood Plan – Carried

F. 2.

Brookswood/Fernridge Community Plan Update and Neighborhood Plan

Report 11-66

File CD 6480-21-001

Moved by Councillor Ferguson,

Seconded by Councillor Bateman,

That Council authorizes staff to proceed with a process to update the Brookswood/Fernridge Community Plan, as needed, and to create a Neighborhood Plan as described in this report and set out in the form of a draft Memorandum of Understanding, provided as attachment C, including the hiring of planning staff and retention of consultants all at the proponents expense.

CARRIED (Unanimous)

Special Note: Please note, the motion that passed unanimously was by Acting Mayor Kositsky, Councilors Bateman, Dornan, Ferguson, Fox, Long, and Ward. Similar to other contracts and motions I uncovered while in the Mayor’s office (read Langley Events Center) the wording approved by Council gives staff complete control (a blank cheque) with NO referral back to Council for final approval. This is a practice that MUST be stopped!

Where was Mayor Froese after his election, when confronted by such community outrage over this issue? Why did he not review the process and the agreement which was obviously a conflict of interest? 

TWOMayor Froese then announces, if elected, he will revamp the Planning process through a Special Committee? This would be another Blank Cheque of trust! Questions the community needs to ask themselves – Who would sit on it? What would the process be for establishing changes? How open and transparent would it be? Would it involve a Community Planning Committee fairly selected and fairly represented? Would it hold Open Public Meetings? And we could go on….

So let’s see if I understand this? We have a Mayor that promised addressing the Community Plan process in his 2011 election campaign and has done nothing for three years except voting for every development that came along despite public anger. We have a Mayor that openly disrespected literally thousands of residents submissions on a litany of developments by voting in favor, not recognizing residents wishes. We have a Mayor who is on record as saying he does not make decisions based on Public Hearings, petitions and other public input but has to consider those that did not come out to the meetings? This is a form of democracy that is NOT welcome in the Township of Langley.

NOW, we have just gone through 4 weeks of the Election Campaign in which this Mayor has defended and justified all of his actions in public debates, all candidate meetings and literature and NOW one week before election-day he recognizes a problem? Given his past history he is not to be believed!

Conclusion – The sitting Mayor on the eve of the election is being pushed by his handlers to respond to what are the real issues in this campaign, unfortunately Mayor Froese’s response at this late a date comes across as political, not sincere and not to be believed. Mayor Froese tried this new “revamp Township Planning” last night in front of over 450 people from all corners of the municipality and it received the reception it deserved!

Vote for REAL Change Nov. 15th NOT  FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE SAME!

There will be more political NEWS in the days ahead. We are coming down to the home stretch. Don’t be swayed, stay the course and lets take back the Township of Langley for ALL of our residents. When in office I fought hard for you and listened to you. Lets get back at it!!

Unfortunately my response as printed in the Langley Advance today was seen by some as I did not answer, which of course is not true. I didn’t believe the majority of questions could be answered in the simple terms they requested. They did post my full answers in their expanded version but just in case you missed them, here they are!

Do you currently live in Langley Township?

A – Yes

How long (in years) have you lived in Langley Township?

A – 17 years

Should a new OCP allow increased density in Brookswood and Fernridge?

A – A NEW OCP should only be allowed after a NEW Community Based Planning Model is created through collaboration with the community. The Community must play a very active role in this process.

Should Township council act to slow down development of Willoughby?

A – Once again, like Brookswood above, a NEW Community Based Planning Model must be adopted after collaboration with the community. We have to take a step back and take a deep breath and move forward cautiously listening to the community which has been absent up to now.

Does the Township do enough to help ensure there are enough schools in developing areas?

A – Schools are an important part of the infrastructure necessary to service our ever increasing population. The new rules that have just been laid down by the Province, specifically the School Board must come up with 50% of the funding and now the Province has rejected our 5 year Capital Plan with no funds available this year make our situation untenable. We have two Senior Cabinet Ministers elected by our community and we get this kind of message? We must meet with them to find solutions to this problem. It is Provincially based.

Would you vote in favour of a tax increase?

A – We must establish a more intensive budgeting process looking at a variety of issues such as the ongoing substantial Operating Subsidy of the Langley Events Center and more. At the most a very minimum tax increase would be accepted ONLY after a comprehensive budgeting review looking into ALL aspects of Township spending and current priorities.

Would you support tolling ALL Metro Vancouver bridges to fund transit?

A – Yes I would support a minimum toll on all bridges within the region sharing the cost with all residents going forward. This is something I agreed with when on the Mayors Translink Council. Township residents are unfairly penalized by tolls on the Golden Ears and Port Mann. Live North of the river and you have West Coast Express and no tolls into the region to the West. Live on the South side of the Fraser and you get penalized and unfairly treated.

Would you support road pricing to fund transit?

A – No, there should be no additional costs to residents of the Township of Langley UNTIL we receive an adequate service by Translink. Currently we are not receiving anything close to what we are submitting in tax dollars. (property and gas taxes)

Would you support increasing property taxes to fund transit?

A – No, property taxes are an unfair source of taxation for transit. It should be based on the user formula but as I said above only after adequate service is provided and available to our residents. Suggesting that we are going into a 10 yr. or 20 yr. plan to receive the service we have been paying for years is unfair and unacceptable.

Should a tree protection bylaw be applied to the entire Township?

A – We have to be very careful when we impose a by-law of this nature. Does this include agricultural land? Would it negatively affect a private property owners ability to use his land for an agricultural use. I believe a public process should be established to hear from residents, urban and rural. Community, ALL communities should be represented for input into this issue.

Should developers be required to provide more low-income housing in the Township?

A – There is no question that there is a need and every municipality should do it’s share. I believe a decision such as this can only come after serious due diligence is undertaken. What are best practices, what funds are available for partnership?

Should the Township create more bike lanes and public cycling infrastructure?

A – While this is a trendy improvement we cannot get ahead of it’s need and use. Great idea if it is used over time and at that time should be expanded. What financial resources are available from Translink and other senior governments.

Do you support the construction of high rise developments in Willoughby?

A – This consideration must be broached through a NEW Community Based Planning Model that is developed through Community Collaboration. It is essential the community plays an integral part in that decision.

Should the Township open sales of municipal lands to public scrutiny in advance?

A – One of the issues I ran on in 2008 was the non-transparency of the Township property portfolio. On my initiative it is now available for the public to view through the Township Real Estate Division. Yes, the process to sell municipal lands (IF they should be sold) should be open to public scrutiny, BUT they should be a part of a process to enhance that public asset value.

Should the Township commit to building the Aldergrove rec centre and pool regardless of land sales?

A – Yes and it will take a change in priorities to do so. When we have just spent over $22,000,000 over 4 ½ years in Operational Subsidy for the Langley Events Center we have a serious problem in the Township. With strong financial controls I believe that expenditure can be handled.

Should the Township ensure that roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks are in place prior to the completion of new developments?

A – There must be a review of our Development Cost Charge Funds and the legislation allowing us to do so. There also has to be a full review on the potential for CACs (Community Amenity Contributions). Through both of these reviews I believe we can do a much better job in preparing the necessary infrastructure going forward.

Is the Township doing enough to protect agricultural land?

A – No, it is very clear that they have little respect for ALR land. One just has to look at the Wall Development of 69 Townhouses in the middle of prime farm land to understand their position in ALR protection.

Does the Township need more parks?

A – There is a significant inventory of parks and land dedicated for parks. The answer to that question will be different in Willoughby than possibly another community. The other question is are we talking passive or active parks and for what use? I was instrumental in the move to initiate the Noel Booth Park in Brookswood from what was being planned as a fill site.

Does the Township need more sports and recreation facilities?

A – For the most part we probably have some of the finest facilities in the lower mainland however there will be an increase in need as our population grows. The old Aldergrove complex should be rezoned, sold and developed into high rise development (approved in the Core Aldergrove Community Plan) The funding from that could be utilized for the NEW Aldergrove Pool, Ice and recreation facility.

Should more firefighters be hired, even if it means a tax increase?

A – We should move immediately to make the Township compliant with WCB / Worksafe BC rules of four man crews. That will require some funding however I believe we can find that funding out of our existing budget.

Should more RCMP officers be hired, even if it means a tax increase?

A – We must explore the use of Community Police Officers which is a significantly lower cost where needed.

Do you believe Langley Township and City should be amalgamated into one municipality?

A – Yes, however the discussion is moot point because a referendum would have to be agreed to by the City Council and passed and likewise the same in the Township. I think it is safe to say that won’t happen so why debate it?

I hope the above clarifies my position on a number of issues of interest.


The following Candidates for the Township of Langley have been endorsed by the Farmland Defense League of British Columbia. For the record ALL of these candidates are INDEPENDENT and proud of their independence.

Their comments follow as received:

Mayor Rick Green Most prominently recognized as a true fiscal conservative, Green came to the attention of the Farmland Defence League with his successful 2010 fight to ensure the voters and taxpayers of Langley Township were given an opportunity to be heard about the BC government’s plan to pave Langley’s historic Hudson’s Bay Farm. A hobby farmer himself, Green remains one of Langley’s most respected advocates of the preservation of farmland  and rural life and the democratic voice of its citizenry.
Council David Davis 4th generation professional farmer of a family that has worked Langley’s historic Hudson’s Bay Farm for more than 100 years, Council incumbent David Davis served his community for a number of years as a member of its Agricultural Advisory Committee and as the only reliable voice for agriculture, food security and rural life on the 2011-2014 Township Council.
Petrina Arnason Her mother’s daughter in every honourable way, Petrina has carried on the family tradition of eloquently articulating for preservation of all that is wholesome and green in Langley, including its fish bearing watercourses, its wildlife and farmland and farmers.
Dave Stark Introduced to the true nature of food security as a former director of Meals on Wheels, this Langley farmer emerged as a leading voice for preservation of his community’s farmland  during the 2008-2011 campaign to preserve the Hudson’s Bay Farm from becoming a ribbon of highway.  Stark remains a passionate advocate for rural Langley.
Kevin Mitchell This Langley sheep farmer has been a vocal opponent of landfilling (dumping) on Langley farmland and an advocate for farmland preservation and honest, transparent government.

Stay tuned for more election information on the Township of Langley Municipal Election 2014!


We have just gone through a very well attended and a very telling All Candidates Meeting put on by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce and the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board at the Langley Events Center. The first items on the agenda were questions of all non-incumbent candidates asking for a yes or no to all of the controversial decisions of the past three years. Well, it was at least admitted that there have been a number of controversial issues, I would suggest very contentious issues over the incumbents three year term in office.

Now, you would think that members of this council would understand the anger by now and be a little bit contrite over the balance of the evening when they had an opportunity to respond directly to these issues. Unfortunately rather than recognizing wrong doing they all fell into a defensive shell and attempted to justify their actions in front of a full house of residents that were looking for more than they got from the incumbents. It was very apparent to all in attendance that the old saying “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” will be true in this case should this council get reelected.

Why does it appear our Municipal politicians have lost respect for our communities and residents?

One thing I learned many years ago from those I observed, good and bad,if you resist providing opportunities for communication and dialogue with taxpayers, eventually, like what has happening throughout the Township of Langley, it will flare up into a giant protest. Welcome to the Township of Langley Municipal Election 2014! The voter WILL have their final say!

Politicians must earn the respect of the voter, not the opposite. It appears more often than not, that the longer a politician serves, elitism takes over and arrogance rises to the surface. I am firmly of the opinion in the long run that there should be term limits which would afford the opportunity for new ideas; unfortunately that isn’t the case and it is up to the voter to make the changes that our communities need.

How do the taxpayers of the Township of Langley really feel?

Leading up to this Municipal Election, a Mario Canseco Public Opinion Poll by Insights West for the Vancouver Sun released some very interesting information and some suggest very disturbing information for the incumbents; but to taxpayers not surprising. The information that follows validates the feelings and concerns of residents who very plainly have had enough!

The poll was effectively answering the question:

What are residents thoughts on their local municipal governments?

Langley came second to last in overall satisfaction. Only Maple Ridge residents are less satisfied than us in Langley with our Mayor and Council!

When the numbers are reviewed to see why Langley received such a poor rating, the following tells us all we need to know:

57% of Langley residents gave their local Mayor and Council a Fair/Poor rating in regards to being trustworthy!

62% rated their transparency as Fair/Poor!

57% don’t think they are fair!

Only 6% said they were very happy with the present Mayor and Council!

54% didn’t think our Mayor and Council were accessible!

58% didn’t think they were doing a good job of listening to the community!

53% thought they were doing a bad or very bad job of engaging with regular people! Literally nobody thought they were doing a very good job of engaging with regular people.

53% clearly said it was time for a change!

63% wanted better people running for public office!

75% of Langley residents believe developers and lobbyists have TOO MUCH INFLUENCE in Langley! This was the most stunning number in regards to developers and their relationship with the present Mayor and Council!


This is an independent poll on the feelings of average citizens about their Municipal elected leaders. It is very clear that the tipping point of dissatisfaction has been reached and the wishes are for REAL Change. We have two weeks to go in this election campaign and I can tell you without a doubt those in power and those with something significant to gain if the incumbents stay in power will be pulling out all the stops. They have a lot to lose!

On the other hand, to make the changes all of us are looking for we must stay the course, talk to our friends and neighbors, talk to family and get involved in your area to promote the change that will benefit us all. The Township of Langley is a great Municipality with great people making up great communities.

There is no question that we will be out spent given the money and power that is at stake, but the forces for change will not be out motivated to make change happen WITH YOUR HELP!

Stay tuned for more Township of Langley Municipal Election Information! More updates shortly!!!