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Who said you can’t fight City Hall, just maybe this decision will instill courage into the many residents who may have thought all was lost. This decision only happened thanks to the incredible hard work, commitment and financial resources by members of the Society of Fort Langley Residents for Sustainable Development.

So, to all of those out there that tried to dismiss this challenge by throwing out threats, accusations and bullying tactics against those that have worked so hard to protect due process, be warned that the light at the end of the tunnel is not daylight, it is a train headed your way. What has and is going on in the Township of Langley is wrong and MUST be stopped. Here is a great first step!

I have just returned from spending 1 ½ of the 2 day B.C. Supreme Court Petition hearing for Judicial Review held in Chilliwack B.C. with Justice Groves presiding. The end result (verbal decision) was quite unexpected by all concerned as I think it would be fair to suggest a Reserved Decision was expected. The only conundrum in the case for all concerned, including the Judge, was what happens to the development while a decision is being considered. Therefore in retrospect a decision certainly was preferred which is what Justice Groves mentioned in his pre decision comments and explanation.

Decision – The Township of Langley acted improperly and Township of Langley Heritage Alteration Permit No. 100685 is set aside. Justice Groves also awarded costs!

Sitting in that B.C. Supreme Court court room was quite an experience.  It could not help but open one’s eyes to what due process is all about and what we have been missing in the Township of Langley.

The first half day heard legal counsel for the Petitioner, Roy J. Stewart Q.C., deal with a number of questions from the Judge as well as laying out their case, the last half of the first day was his (the Petitioner’s) summary of their case. Today was the response from the Respondent’s legal counsel Daniel R. Bennett (Bull Houser & Tupper LLP) followed up by a response from Roy J. Stewart QC and finally the decision of Justice Groves.

The presentation of the Petitioner’s case was bang on and let light shine in on how illegitimate this process was. The sad reality is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now as I recall, this illegitimate process of approval was prompted by members of Council against the wishes of a Planning Department staff report.

So who is responsible – Here is a start:

  • On Council – Mayor Froese, Kim Richter, Grant Ward, Charlie Fox, Bev Dornan, Bob Long, Steve Ferguson and Michelle Sparrow
  • On Staff – CAO Mark Bakken and Manager Engineering and Community Development Ramin Seifi
  • Eric Woodward with Kurt Alberts as a key supporter!

OH By the way – Congratulations to David Davis for being the only responsible member of our Township Council, well done!!

I can tell you, sitting in the gallery and listening to the arguments from the Township of Langley legal counsel, I was having a flash back to discussions I was privy to internally during my three years as Mayor. I was opposed then and I am now to the Township of Langley Council and bureaucracy’s arrogance about what they think they have the right to do. The court was having it explained to it by Township legal counsel that today’s Judicial Approach equated to a more “Generous Approach to Municipal Powers”. I am not convinced, given the decision, that the Justice was impressed with that argument.

Just an FYI – Be prepared for the counter response by all parties mentioned above. Nothing would surprise me relative to actions to proceed in one way or another. Stay tuned!


Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!


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