About the Blog

Introducing a NEW blog with a NEW spirit that is NEWSWORTHY!

This BLOG will feature issues relevant to Langley Taxpayers as well as being informative to readers throughout the Province on Municipal and Provincial issues.

The blatant actions and in-actions of the current Mayor and Council and the complete lack of objective journalism by our local media to hold them to account is THE reason this blog was launched in January of 2013. Over the past 4 years we have published close to 90 BLOG Posts and have had a viewership of over 72,000.

By not providing Langley readers with facts and TWO sides of every story, Provincial and Municipal, it is my opinion our local media is not serving the taxpayers and residents of the Township of Langley well. It reflects the subliminal bullying that goes on behind the scenes. It is not healthy for our democracy.

I will be writing and presenting one to two features per week on subjects that are important to Township of Langley taxpayers and others. Each feature will provide an inter-active opportunity for our readers, pro or con, to speak their mind. My features will speak to real factual issues, relying on a number of years of elected municipal experience and many senior connections in the municipal field. There will be NO slanderous or libelous statements offered or allowed. I welcome open and constructive input. Will it be hard hitting and critical where deserved, absolutely in spades. Enough is enough – Enjoy!!!

Rick Green cartoon final