VOTE – VOTE – VOTE – Remember Elections have Consequences…. WE get the government we deserve!

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The Contract with Langley platform has been published in detail; with 5 supporting votes on Council, they guarantee to follow through on building infrastructure and instituting policies that are clearly outlined in their campaign material. To move forward we need a Council that does not get bogged down with political infighting and gotcha politics which has been the norm in the Township of Langley for decades, all favoring local unelected Power Brokers!

Through a “Fair Deal from Development” the Township of Langley can move forward and not have to impose these costs onto property taxpayers to solve these problems.

  • Fix the embarrassing 208th Street, 80th Avenue and other major roads in Willoughby!
  • Expand the Aldergrove Community Centre with a new vision for progress in Aldergrove!
  • A NEW Indoor Pool, youth and community centre in Willoughby within Yorkson Community Park at 80th Ave. Currently there is no plan for one!
  • Build a youth soccer campus for and in partnership with LUSA, at least four NEW synthetic turf fields, one of which will be fully indoors for all weather use!
  • Finish Fraser Highway from Murrayville to Aldergrove within 8 years, along with water and sewer infrastructure!
  • End closed-door Council decision making and the sale of public lands without transparency, fair process or public input!
  • Replace our fire-halls for Brookswood and Walnut Grove with a NEW plan for community-oriented policing and second stage housing!
  • Fix our broken permit and development processes that increase costs for so many while delaying the new housing that we need!
  • Create a NEW Housing Action Plan that ensures 10% of all new housing will be permanently set aside as truly affordable rental housing!
  • Get residents and taxpayers a Fair Deal from Development to complete our Plan for Progress and Plan for Schools before, it is too late!   

Our Endorsement

Our choice for Mayor – Eric Woodward – Contract with Langley.

Eric Woodward has jumped into this race with the most comprehensive plan that I have seen in over 40 years of being involved in Municipal Politics. There are two fundamental guiding principles in making our decision 1) What is their platform against what is the community need? (Specifics, not Platitudes.) and 2) How are they going to get the 5 votes needed to deliver on their election promises? As a former Mayor their plan makes abundant sense and is long overdue:

#1 – What is the plan vs what is the public need.

I have watched Eric closely over the past 4 years and found him to have done an excellent job in preparation on his arguments on an issue. Eric repeatedly brought forward ideas and ways to fund them (i.e., Development and Financial Reform) and yet he was repeatedly shot down on a wide variety of ideas he brought forward. His performance and work ethic was head and shoulders above anyone else at the Council table. This is the reality of politics playing out with 9 independents, recognizing the majority of those independents at the Council table were controlled by the power elite of the Township. The Contract with Langley Plan deals with our need and is complete with detailed specifics including a financial plan on how he we can pay for it – the bottom line, not from property tax but “Getting a Fair Deal from Development!”

#2 – How are they going to get the 5 votes needed to deliver on their commitments?

The harsh reality is that you need support from, hopefully, a group on Council that are elected with and are all committed to support their advertised platform. Now I can assure you, after talking to the candidates running with Contract with Langley; they are independent in their general thought and mind BUT, support their platform of ideas – which is key to getting something significant done for the people of the Township of Langley. All of this answers the question as to how they are going to achieve their promise.

The KEY – They need your support to get elected in support of their promise. A group of 9 independents will not achieve this goal or our goal of building the necessary infrastructure in our communities. All of these candidates are long-time residents of the Township of Langley and are extremely professional in their regular lives. Through my research and in discussion with all of these Candidates I firmly believe all of them will make Township of Langley residents proud of their Municipal Council and will fully live up to all commitments they have made in this campaign!  

Our Choice for Township of Langley Councillors

“Contract with Langley”

Tim Baillie – Retired Surrey Fire Department Captain – South Langley

Barb Martens – Constable Vancouver Police Dept. 20 yrs. – Walnut Grove

Steve Ferguson – Retired School Teacher (8 Term Councillor) – Brookswood

Misty Van Popta – Project Management Professional – Fort Langley

A J Cheema – Small Business Owner, Coach – Salmon River

Rob Rindt – Farmer, Small Business Owner – Rural Langley

“Independents who we see reflect a new vision and relative youth”

Brit Gardner – Community Activist, Transit Activist – Fort Langley

Michael Pratt – Community Planning and Housing Activist – Willowbrook

Our Choice for Township of Langley School Board – There is an absolute need for coordination between our Municipal Council and our School Board in support of

new school locations and facilities to meet our school district needs.

“Contract with Langley”

Holly Dickinson – Surrey School Teacher – Murrayville

Joel Neufeld – Surrey Firefighter – Fort Langley

Sarb Rai – Federal Public Servant – Brookswood

“Election Alert” – While it might be hard to believe for residents of the TOL who have not been involved with Municipal Politics in the Township of Langley, there are “Multi, Multi, Multi Millions of DOLLARS at stake depending on who wins this election. That threat is playing out during this election campaign through the dissemination of hearsay, gossip, innuendo and the spreading of fictitious stories on-line with a personal grudge.   Now there is a campaign of stealing and the destruction of many “Contract with Langley” election signs. It does not take a rocket scientist to look around and see who is responsible – the power brokers are feeling threatened. We cannot let them prevail unless you want to see your community sold out. If you see anything or know anything, please contact us immediately.

“Advance Voting Information” for residents of the Township of Langley 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Brookswood – Thursd. October 13th, 2022 – G. Preston Rec. Centre/Rm B&C – 20699 42nd Ave.

Please remember to VOTE – nothing will happen without your support!


More interesting 2022 Municipal Election News coming soon!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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