BREAKING NEWS – Endorsement from the B.C. Farmland Defense League for Township of Langley Municipal Council Candidates received!

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

The following Candidates for the Township of Langley have been endorsed by the Farmland Defense League of British Columbia. For the record ALL of these candidates are INDEPENDENT and proud of their independence.

Their comments follow as received:

Mayor Rick Green Most prominently recognized as a true fiscal conservative, Green came to the attention of the Farmland Defence League with his successful 2010 fight to ensure the voters and taxpayers of Langley Township were given an opportunity to be heard about the BC government’s plan to pave Langley’s historic Hudson’s Bay Farm. A hobby farmer himself, Green remains one of Langley’s most respected advocates of the preservation of farmland  and rural life and the democratic voice of its citizenry.
Council David Davis 4th generation professional farmer of a family that has worked Langley’s historic Hudson’s Bay Farm for more than 100 years, Council incumbent David Davis served his community for a number of years as a member of its Agricultural Advisory Committee and as the only reliable voice for agriculture, food security and rural life on the 2011-2014 Township Council.
Petrina Arnason Her mother’s daughter in every honourable way, Petrina has carried on the family tradition of eloquently articulating for preservation of all that is wholesome and green in Langley, including its fish bearing watercourses, its wildlife and farmland and farmers.
Dave Stark Introduced to the true nature of food security as a former director of Meals on Wheels, this Langley farmer emerged as a leading voice for preservation of his community’s farmland  during the 2008-2011 campaign to preserve the Hudson’s Bay Farm from becoming a ribbon of highway.  Stark remains a passionate advocate for rural Langley.
Kevin Mitchell This Langley sheep farmer has been a vocal opponent of landfilling (dumping) on Langley farmland and an advocate for farmland preservation and honest, transparent government.

Stay tuned for more election information on the Township of Langley Municipal Election 2014!


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