Respect for Communities….Just imagine! Something is just failing to compute?

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

We have just gone through a very well attended and a very telling All Candidates Meeting put on by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce and the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board at the Langley Events Center. The first items on the agenda were questions of all non-incumbent candidates asking for a yes or no to all of the controversial decisions of the past three years. Well, it was at least admitted that there have been a number of controversial issues, I would suggest very contentious issues over the incumbents three year term in office.

Now, you would think that members of this council would understand the anger by now and be a little bit contrite over the balance of the evening when they had an opportunity to respond directly to these issues. Unfortunately rather than recognizing wrong doing they all fell into a defensive shell and attempted to justify their actions in front of a full house of residents that were looking for more than they got from the incumbents. It was very apparent to all in attendance that the old saying “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” will be true in this case should this council get reelected.

Why does it appear our Municipal politicians have lost respect for our communities and residents?

One thing I learned many years ago from those I observed, good and bad,if you resist providing opportunities for communication and dialogue with taxpayers, eventually, like what has happening throughout the Township of Langley, it will flare up into a giant protest. Welcome to the Township of Langley Municipal Election 2014! The voter WILL have their final say!

Politicians must earn the respect of the voter, not the opposite. It appears more often than not, that the longer a politician serves, elitism takes over and arrogance rises to the surface. I am firmly of the opinion in the long run that there should be term limits which would afford the opportunity for new ideas; unfortunately that isn’t the case and it is up to the voter to make the changes that our communities need.

How do the taxpayers of the Township of Langley really feel?

Leading up to this Municipal Election, a Mario Canseco Public Opinion Poll by Insights West for the Vancouver Sun released some very interesting information and some suggest very disturbing information for the incumbents; but to taxpayers not surprising. The information that follows validates the feelings and concerns of residents who very plainly have had enough!

The poll was effectively answering the question:

What are residents thoughts on their local municipal governments?

Langley came second to last in overall satisfaction. Only Maple Ridge residents are less satisfied than us in Langley with our Mayor and Council!

When the numbers are reviewed to see why Langley received such a poor rating, the following tells us all we need to know:

57% of Langley residents gave their local Mayor and Council a Fair/Poor rating in regards to being trustworthy!

62% rated their transparency as Fair/Poor!

57% don’t think they are fair!

Only 6% said they were very happy with the present Mayor and Council!

54% didn’t think our Mayor and Council were accessible!

58% didn’t think they were doing a good job of listening to the community!

53% thought they were doing a bad or very bad job of engaging with regular people! Literally nobody thought they were doing a very good job of engaging with regular people.

53% clearly said it was time for a change!

63% wanted better people running for public office!

75% of Langley residents believe developers and lobbyists have TOO MUCH INFLUENCE in Langley! This was the most stunning number in regards to developers and their relationship with the present Mayor and Council!


This is an independent poll on the feelings of average citizens about their Municipal elected leaders. It is very clear that the tipping point of dissatisfaction has been reached and the wishes are for REAL Change. We have two weeks to go in this election campaign and I can tell you without a doubt those in power and those with something significant to gain if the incumbents stay in power will be pulling out all the stops. They have a lot to lose!

On the other hand, to make the changes all of us are looking for we must stay the course, talk to our friends and neighbors, talk to family and get involved in your area to promote the change that will benefit us all. The Township of Langley is a great Municipality with great people making up great communities.

There is no question that we will be out spent given the money and power that is at stake, but the forces for change will not be out motivated to make change happen WITH YOUR HELP!

Stay tuned for more Township of Langley Municipal Election Information! More updates shortly!!!

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