Langley has a great chance to turn the page from back room politics

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To Respectful and Effective Representation…. For Langley East Vote for Megan Dykeman…. We are!

It is no-secret, over the best part of 45 years I have been actively involved in free enterprise politics. An activist, life member, Constituency Vice-President, President, Candidate and Provincial Convention Plenary Chair, an Alderman in Delta, and Mayor of the Township of Langley. Throughout my political life I thought I had seen everything – the good, the bad and the ugly side of politics – until we moved to Langley. A fantastic and great community, one that our family loves deeply, but a community with a sleazy political underbelly of political control that I have written about earlier on this BLOG. This cadre of power brokers has held us back in so many ways to benefit themselves. It is our time to turn the page, break loose and move forward in a positive way. Let us break free of the past deplorable political representation at the provincial level towards a progressive representative and political party that meets the needs of 2021!

I do not make my decision of support lightly, without very-serious thought and weighing what is in the best interest of our Province and our community! We need the strong visionary leadership of John Horgan as well as that of a very bright and compassionate individual, currently the Chair of our Langley School Board, Megan Dykeman who is proud to be part of Premier John Horgan’s NDP Team! Her background in leadership is extensive, impressive, and very worthy of being our MLA!

Megan is very qualified to represent you – An experienced leader who has served 6 years as Community Chair of the Langley Agricultural and Economic Advisory Committee and Chair of the Blueberry Cannon Taskforce. As a Trustee, she has also served on the Provincial Conflict of Interest Committee and various BCSTA committees, including the Finance and Audit Committee.

Active in her community, Megan is the President of the Langley Farmers Institute and the Parliamentarian’s Association of British Columbia. She is a founding “A” leader of ‘Otter Flying Feathers’ 4-H club, the first 4-H poultry club in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley in over 25 years.

While raising her two kids and running her business, Megan studied Farm Business Management at the University of Saskatchewan, completed her Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance, Law and Management from the University of Athabasca, and obtained her Masters in International Relations from Macquarie University. Her thesis focused on food security, an international and local issue that she is passionate about. There is no question, she is very bright and articulate, a Provincial MLA we could all be proud of, someone who will fight for the Township of Langley’s present needs and its future!

While most of us will know and understand our past, with very polarized politics in British Columbia, there comes a time in my view where, regardless of left, right or center, bad government is bad government. Regardless of a particular philosophical bent, sometimes it makes abundant sense to stand against that bad government. A few key things have happened to change my mind in reaching our decision today.

Being very politically involved all of my life I have watched the progression of the B.C. Liberal Party since its inception and growth coming out of the 1991 election. I ran for Social Credit for Delta North in that election and know that transition very well, I will not regurgitate any of that here, possibly in a later Blog Post. My point is, I have been up close and personal with the growth of the B.C. Liberals from Gordon Wilson, to Gordon Campbell, to Christy Clark and now Andrew Wilkinson. Unfortunately, thanks to the likes of Gordon Campbell and then Christy Clark and their collective gang (a number still hanging around), the B.C. Liberal Party began to pull off a number of stunts. Check out the Tyee feature 117 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals over 16 years of governance.

I do not like who they are, what they stand for, the decisions they have made and their lack of any ethical standards? They have had a chance to rebuild and renew and they chose the route of “don’t worry the public will forget”. Our old Social Credit Party chose the same course of inaction – they are no longer in existence and rightfully so.

Then something happened, John Horgan was elected leader of the NDP. A group of us had a chance to have a 2-hour meeting with then candidate John Horgan in March of 2017, and I was very-impressed. In my opening introduction I stated – “Well hell has frozen over; Rick Green is in an NDP office”. Based on our meeting and conversation I felt he deserved a chance to form government. I am 74 years old and the 2017 election was the first time our family has ever voted NDP and I have to say we have not regretted that for one minute. Shocking to some, we have also donated to the NDP in each year John has been Premier. We will get into their record of achievement in future posts during this election.

An MLA must represent all of his or her constituents, regardless of who that may be. It should never be based on some kind of hierarchical ranking of citizens within their constituency, based on some kind of perceived inner circle. That is exactly how the Township of Langley has been controlled, for the best part of two decades.

With Megan Dykeman we will have an MLA who is deeply committed to serve all of our residents regardless of their position or who they are within our community. The Township of Langley deserves so much better and we have many needs that can only be delivered from our Provincial Government as lobbied and fought for by our MLA.

We believe Megan Dykeman is the only choice in Langley East to serve ALL of us in the Township of Langley in Victoria!


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to Township of Langley Residents, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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