Township of Langley Election 2018…. Remember “Change Begins with Choice”!

Posted: October 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Residents and Taxpayers of the Township of Langley have had a lot to think about over the past FOUR years in terms of what has happened to their community or their municipality as a whole and WHY? The actions of our current Council have given me a lot to personally pause and consider in making my choice for Council FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS! I know personally the trials and tribulations of serving as your Mayor, how getting along with and being respectful with everyone would be wonderful; unfortunately, certainly in my case, that was impossible given their commitment from the outset to get rid of me. You see, contrary to what you hear from the majority of this Council, saying NO to staff, saying NO to developers and those with outside influence in particular is MUCH more difficult than saying YES, I am living proof!

Change? As I said above “Change begins with Choice”, or as the old saying goes, and it continues to be very true “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.

So to the question and reasons behind a desire for change, please consider the question, what has this Council accomplished? Where have they disappointed us?

The following list of incidents, failed promises and public comments, in my view, cannot be dismissed as something that was just said in the heat of the campaign or when dealing with the issue at hand. The following are in no particular order, it is strictly random, but most important, all of the following are TRUE!

Promised Indoor Pool for Aldergrove – Received an Outdoor Pool! The ultimate blow and INSULT, after producing a campaign video that in his own words called for an Indoor Pool in Aldergrove – Jack Froese proceeds with building an Outdoor Pool which is the LIE heard around Aldergrove! Supported by ALL members of Council in a non-public meeting, which is illegal!

LEC Expansion of $7.5 Million No public dialogue, No public process, approval behind closed doors and No public announcement, that is the way things are done in the Township. As a matter of fact it took an inquiry from the media to the Mayor two weeks after construction began before it was openly announced.

Redevelopment of Old Mall in Aldergrove – Letter released from Councilor Bob Long indicating Council support for a plan contrary to the adopted Aldergrove Core Community Plan. The adopted Core Community Plan was adopted unanimously by a resident based committee and the Council of the day. This Council supports a plan showing nothing more than a series of strip malls! Aldergrove deserves better!

The sterilization of Council Meetings! This council by resolution will not allow any spontaneous public reaction to votes and/or public presentations by the public. A Council chambers must have decorum BUT it is not a court room, their actions are not inviting for members of our community to attend and participate in any public discussion as a delegation or presenter to Public Hearings. The public deserve better!

This Council supports members of Council bidding on Township business! There can be nothing more obvious than this being a Conflict of Interest! Perceived or legal it doesn’t matter, IT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

The Township of Langley is THE WORST performing major municipal government in B.C. Released Sept. 11th, 2018 – In the latest 2018 Ten year well researched study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), the Township of Langley is the worst performing of the 20 major Municipal Governments, 20th out of 20.

The Township of Langley’s performance is 103rd out of all 152 communities, towns, cities and municipalities in B.C. this year, last year we were 96th! Released Sept. 11th, 2018Not only have we rated poorly we are going backward, NOT getting better.

The hidden reality of slate politics in the Township of Langley! In most Cities and Municipalities they are upfront with their reality of running slates. In the Township of Langley we have the reality created over the years by back room power brokers to select who will be running in their version of non-slate slate politics. You have to give them credit, it has worked well, in reality they have been perpetrating a fraud on the public in the Township for years. This was all founded from the highly contentious and ugly McMullen / Scholtens campaign fight of the late 90s early 2000s. For those who aren’t aware you should read up on it. Never-the-less today we have the Froese Slate – Jack Froese, Blair Whitmarsh, Angie Quaale, Margaret Kuntz, Bev Dornan and Michael Pratt.

Community Planning Process is Top Down! We have an endless number of examples of Top Down Planning in the Township. Brookswood / Fernridge, Willoughby, Aldergrove and Fort Langley. During the last two elections our Mayor promised a Community Consultation Process which has never materialized. Their public consultation has not changed and has been a dismal failure! Your community’s OCP and Zoning is NOT safe with this Council, we are all paying the price!

Public statement made by Mayor Jack Froese (Insert his slate here)“I don’t make decisions based on petitions or public hearing turnout, I have to consider all of those who didn’t attend” – Jack Froese to Pete McMartin (Van. Sun) over Coulter Berry decision.

Public statement made by Mayor Jack Froese (Insert his slate here)“Parents need to teach their children how to safely cross the street” in reference to their being no crosswalks on 216th Street – Jack Froese to resident (Langley Times letter to the editor)

Public statement made by Mayor Jack Froese (Insert his slate here)“There would be safety initiatives taking place”, when asked what they would be, Froese said “he didn’t know” – Jack Froese to resident (Langley Times letter to the editor)

Public statement made by Mayor Jack Froese (Insert his slate here)Residents stating that they hoped his attendance at the meeting would address their concerns. “Meeting, what meeting? I thought I was coming to a pancake breakfast.” – Jack Froese to resident re 216th street community gathering. (Langley Times letter to the editor)

Public statement made by Mayor Jack Froese (Insert his slate here)“it is not his job to do what his constituents want but what is best for them” – I guess Jack knows best – NOT! Jack Froese to resident (Langley Times letter to the editor)

So, how are we going to change how our municipal government is managed and run? It all comes down to “Making a Different Choice” in this election. Continuing with the same gang that has put us in this situation will only continue to cause our communities distress in how we are being listened to and dealt with by the powers that be.

Who to vote for? Remember, this vote (Your Vote) is for FOUR years and a lot can happen during a mandate of this length, it is not something to be considered lightly. What does the candidate stand for? What is their experience? If they are currently on Council, what is their voting record? If they are currently on Council, what about their public performance with the general public (not just with their small school of vocal supporters) at public gatherings? As a delegation to Council? As a resident speaking at Public Hearings?

Over the course of the campaign I have had about seven phone calls from candidates asking to meet and discuss their campaign and to get my opinions and views on what is happening in the Township of Langley. My choices below do not reflect my meetings with them. (More have not been selected than have been in the following list.)

A lot goes into “Your Choice which will bring about Change”, which is what we need; your Municipality is counting on you! 

I want to make one thing clear, I am not nor have I been working with or for any candidate running for Council. Having been in the Mayor’s chair I obviously have a strong feeling about how the Township should be run, based on personal experience that was up close and personal. My choices clearly, after you read them, are not ALL based on personal likes which have been more than demonstrated in my BLOG Post writings on many issues.

With all of the above being said, MY CHOICES for a good Council are….

For Mayor:

Anna Remenik:

Anna is informed, active in the community and clearly understands the issues! Anna tells the truth unlike our current Mayor.


For Councilor (in order of my choice):

David Davis:

1A – A great guy, 3rd generation (or more?) Township of Langley Dairy Farmer committed to his community. Very strong reputation for following the issues and doing what is right for his community. I know for a fact David is a very strong INDEPENDENT VOICE!

Harold Whittell:

1B – Very informed, very active, understands the issues and has done his homework. Harold brings with him experience and knowledge in running and owning a successful business. I know for a fact Harold to be a very strong INDEPENDENT VOICE!

Kerri Ross:

Kerri ran in the 2014 election and has shown herself to be active, involved and knowledgeable about the issues affecting our community. She would make a great addition to Council. I know for a fact Kerri to be a very strong INDEPENDENT VOICE!

Gail Chaddock Costello:     

I had never met Gail prior to a request to have a coffee with her which provided me the opportunity to question her about her knowledge of issues and intentions for Public Office. She has proven leadership experience in her background. I know for a fact Gail to be a very strong INDEPENDENT VOICE!

Eric Woodward:

Anyone who has been reading my BLOG will probably be shocked at this selection, however I believe Eric would be a good addition. I know some friends (hope they still are friends after this) won’t appreciate this selection. I won’t rehash my past comments but I will say emphatically we need an individual with a strong personality that can and will challenge staff. Our very senior staff have been the problem for a couple of decades, it is getting worse and needs to be challenged. Eric has some interesting ideas which should be explored at the Council table. As one of nine members of Council he is only one vote, but the positive effects outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

Kim Richter:

Well, once again, those who read my BLOG will probably be shocked at this selection. As most are aware she is personally responsible for costing me $25,000 in after tax dollars against Township policy. Having said that she has been the conscience of Council, very frustrating to other members of Council, but a necessary ingredient in the mix none the less. She has to learn to pursue issues beyond the rhetoric at the Council table. I am hoping with the election of the foregoing Kim Richter will find a way to work with the other members of Council, who DO NOT represent a slate as currently is the case.

Petrina Arnason:

Petrina is very well meaning and works hard to represent the taxpayers and voters of the Township of Langley. I believe with a better mix of representation Petrina will have more courage than what we have seen to-date.


And that is it! We will only be voting for 7 candidates for Council as listed above and for the reasons I state. Those I have selected above are true independents, not a slate that presently exists. Serving on Council is not an easy job. You are on display and on trial for all to see daily and weekly for the most part. Residents, developers, community activists, the opposition, friends, neighbors and relatives, but that is the job! If you are not up for it don’t run and if you hear anyone on Council whining about their lot in life don’t vote for them.

I can say emphatically that it can also be the most rewarding opportunity you could ever have should you be so lucky to win. I don’t think anyone that I can think of has gone through a rougher term than yours truly has however I wouldn’t change a thing for any money! As I have said numerous times in recent posts I had a decision to make on EVERY issue I faced while Mayor, it is easy to capitulate and go along with all the others, it is far more difficult to stand your ground and say NO, when you know you are right!



I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to the Province, the Region and the Municipality, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!


Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!


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  1. George B says:

    Excellent post Mr Green.Many new residents should give it a good reading.
    It is for their future …and for their kids.
    I don’t agree with all your choices ,but i think they are better than what the “others”promote!!!

  2. Brit says:

    Good list, and appreciate the rationale behind your choices. Thanks!

  3. Annette says:

    I always appreciate your point of view. You have much more knowledge of all things relating to municipal government that the average citizen. You’ve seen the inner workings so I value your thoughts. It makes me proud and happy that you continue to fight for Aldergrove. We have consistently been shortchanged in the ‘Langley’s’ with the ultimate insult of an outdoor pool. (gee I wonder if Jack Froese is swimming there on these cold October days?) I too was happy to see a few new faces at the table after this election and the backs of a couple leaving. As for the mall, there have been SO many plans and proposals and bs over the last 20 odd years that I don’t believe the owners have any intention of rebuilding it. If you or I had a vacant property for that long, we would be asked to demolish it. Somebody is giving somebody some incentives to stay quiet about it! I hope Eric continues to stir that pot. Thanks for being courageous and authentic enough to keep tabs on Mayor and Council. We really need you Rick!

    • Thank you for your comments Annette. Our viewership has grown exponentially over the years which has inspired me to continue communicating my thoughts and knowledge gained through elected political office. There are some in our community that don’t appreciate this BLOG and what it has to say. There are those who wish I would just go away, to those I would just say too bad, I am not going anywhere. OH I am enjoying retirement, my home, my kids, their families and our grandkids, which is in good part why I will continue to dialogue with residents and communicate what is really going on in the Township of Langley. Keep reading and I will continue hammering away at my message! Thank You!

  4. Arc says:

    Rick, when you can, could you provide your thoughts on the change of faces at the Township council. I was pleased that 6 of the 8 councillors that I voted for got in. I am also pleased that there was significant turnover, compared to the usual return of incumbents, at the council table. It appears that there will be a better balance.

    • I am working on a Post Mortem on the election as I see it. Certainly a quick view of the results provides some hope however that will all depend on those elected being willing to do more than just fill a seat. As difficult as it is to run a campaign and get elected, the difficult part is ahead of them. Who will they be working for, those that elected them, staff or some other master behind the scenes? My post should be out within a week.

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