We are back for 2018, we carry on…. Sorry for the sabbatical, this post contains a very important personal message, an outline on what is to come this year and why!!!!!

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As most will be aware it has been six plus months since my last BLOG Post, unfortunately this sabbatical was beyond my control due to personal health reasons. As I am sure those that know me well will understand, given the wide number of important policy and governance issues before us, municipally and provincially, it has been driving me crazy not to be able to write about them – UNTIL NOW! They are just too important to keep quiet about so we are back at it!

First up, why the delay in publishing our BLOG? An IMPORTANT PERSONAL MESSAGE! In short a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, something nobody ever wants to hear right? On a personal note I would not normally go public with my personal situation but on second thought it is important to send a message out to our male readers, GET YOURSELF CHECKED OUT! My sense is the key reason us guys don’t get checked out is FEAR, that is understandable, BUT please remember, THE ALTERNATIVE IS NOT GREAT, IT CAN ONLY GET MUCH WORSE! Please understand anything I state here are my personal facts and my choices, everyone is different, but if my story and/or message help ONE person, this has all been worthwhile.

In my case it all started by receiving a call from our family doctors office asking me to come in for a physical exam before he could or would renew my prescriptions, it had been two years since my last exam. So off to the doctor for what most of us guys see as a very unwelcoming experience, followed up by getting all of the normal blood tests including a PSA test. My PSA, two years previous was 3.3 (normal right?), my test this time came back at 8.8 so I was scheduled for another PSA a month later which came back at 9.9. All of that bought me a ticket to a local Urology Specialist who immediately scheduled a biopsy – the unfortunate result Prostate Cancer. Out of 12 samples taken 12 had a varying number of cancer cells, it was aggressive. I am 71 years old and had none of the published signs of a prostate problem, I felt great!

So what now? I was immediately sent for a Chest X-ray, CT Scan, Blood Tests and Bone Scan, feeling very uncertain given the biopsy results? Obviously we had lots of questions through the process and all of the what-if questions we could think of. The good news – the results of all of the above tests were negative, no signs of cancer elsewhere, which obviously was THE concern and the results were a relief. But it is still Cancer!

Throughout this process we were given a variety of options for treatment, many with varying degrees of concern; however the primary initial treatment offered is Hormone Ablation Therapy (shots) every four months. FYI – Prostate Cancer cells grow by feeding on a man’s testosterone, the principle of hormone therapy is it reduces and/or eliminates testosterone which either kills off cancer cells or causes them to become dormant as their food source is eliminated. We started this treatment immediately. (The primary side-effects of Hormone Ablation Therapy that I experienced and still am experiencing are hot flashes which many women will know only too well.) I have been the brunt of many family jokes!

Well then what? Internal Radiation Therapy (Brachytherapy), Direct Beam Radiation and/or surgery were all considered and discussed, but we were referred to a Radiation Oncologist at the Abbotsford Cancer Center for a broader discussion of the options. After a great deal of family discussion we went for Direct Beam Radiation which began a meticulous process followed by 28 days of radiation, 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday) for 28 days. The daily process of water consumption prep was tough but the radiation was a piece of cake for me while going through it but there is certainly a cause and effect that follows for a number of months (still dealing with it in the form of fatigue, a common side-affect). All of this said it was all very worthwhile, two months after my radiation my PSA was down to .017, which is very significant. The question now is how long it will last, but there are many other options coming, one step at a time!

In conclusion on this topic, I am only telling my story as it affected me based on my personal status, everyone is different, but my message is clear GET CHECKED OUT! Our medical system in my opinion was nothing short of outstanding and amazing from our Doctor to our Specialist to the timely scheduling of tests and appointments to the referral and care by the B.C. Cancer Agency. Am I out of the woods, probably not, after all again it is Cancer, but I am feeling very positive on my prognosis. I have no plans on going anywhere anytime soon. AGAIN A REMINDER, GET YOURSELF CHECKED OUT!

Back to langleywatchdog.com, why I continue to publish it and what is to come????????

NO, I AM NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE AGAIN, so I will get that question out of the way, but I am determined to use my many years of experience as Provincial Candidate, Provincial Executive Positions, Mayor, Alderman, a member of the Mayor’s Translink Council plus years sitting on a multitude of Municipal and Metro Vancouver Committees to speak up and inform and educate the public. I use my network of insiders in obtaining information that will be of interest to readers. What to look for, what to be aware of and why you should be concerned, on what and where appropriate. I will be available to answer questions publicly and/or privately and willing to meet residents (publicly or privately) where and as needed.

For those old enough to remember Rafe Mair, a Lawyer, a Provincial Cabinet Minister and a long-time very popular open line host on CKNW you may remember his oft stated Mair’s Axiom 1 “You make a very serious mistake believing that people in charge know what the hell they’re doing”! From the inside, no truer statement was ever stated.

This BLOG was started in January of 2013, designed to inform and educate residents. To-date we have published in the neighborhood of 90 plus BLOG Posts on a wide ranging number of topics and issues that the general public should know and be educated about. Viewership as of today stands at over 80,000.

Our world of what and how citizens and residents learn about what is going on municipally and provincially has been stood on its head. Speaking of Municipal Government, our traditional source of learning about issues occurred through our local press, unfortunately not any more. Today, through mergers and consolidation our local press publishes nothing more than puff pieces as a fish wrap to carry local flyers. How do the local media stay alive? Example, when I left the Mayor’s office in the Township we were paying collectively about $250,000 annually to the Times, the Advance and the Star for our weekly Township page. Another major source of revenue is the Real Estate and development industry, and we know what is happening with development in the Township, don’t we? They are not interested in upsetting these sources of revenue; it is their bread and butter. I could go on and on about other reasons the local press is less than effective and mute on so many issues of local concern, but I digress! Maybe at a later date!

I will give the local editors, managers and publishers this much, they are having to meet budgets and directives from their employers and DO NOT have the resources they used to have to do the investigative job and reporting they should be doing. Having said that, given the intimidation by the powers that be, I don’t have any confidence they would report anything they did find. Oh as well let’s not to forget, they no-longer have any competition thanks to recent mergers and acquisitions. Something that used to be done effectively by the local press, the proper dissemination of information through investigative reporting, has become nothing but a joke on an unsuspecting public.

Sitting back for the past number of months and watching what is going on, specifically at the Municipal level has driven me crazy. Not just what is going on BUT the number of issues that are affecting the majority of residents in the Township of Langley which are not being dealt with by the local print media.

Stay tuned, we will frequently be publishing a number of BLOG Posts on a number of issues that you should be thinking about and in many cases concerned about. What is happening in 2018? By the looks of it there will be more than enough to cover and be concerned about.

 Let’s consider –

  • The 2018 Municipal Election – It will be a busy year for local candidate campaign news!
  • What will be the 2018 Campaign Issues?
  • Facts and issues in and around the Township of Langley in the areas of:
    • Finance – Debt and Taxation
    • Development – Community Plans and Zoning
    • Actions of Mayor and Council
  • The 2018 Provincial Referendum on Proportional Representation – What are the facts?
  • Translink plans as they affect the region and the Township of Langley
  • And of course news and views on Municipal and Provincial issues that break and are of interest to readers.

Remember Mair’s Axiom 1

“You make a very serious mistake believing that people in charge know what the hell they’re doing”!

Stay Tuned!


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe should be of significant concern and interest to residents of the Township of Langley.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and STAY ACTIVE!!!



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