Our Best Wishes for a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family!!!!

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well it has been a full and very interesting year in politics within all three levels of government as usual in British Columbia. In 2016 I took the liberty of taking a sabbatical for most of the last half of the year given our personal move off the farm. Our sole purpose at www.langleywatchdog.com is to offer profile on major issues, to inform the public; while offering a special insight based on first-hand experience as Mayor of the Township, Alderman in Delta (that is what we were in the late 80s) and about 40 years of activity behind the scenes municipally, provincially and federally.

We at www.langleywatchdog.com are gearing up for a very active year in 2017, preparing a number of featured BLOG Posts on issues, Breaking News and information. All of this focused on what will seriously affect residents of the Township, primarily at the Provincial and Municipal levels. Provincially, we are heading into a General Election in May and there are numerous simmering issues that are going to be hot topics of debate and conversation.

Municipally we have numerous Township of Langley issues plus Metro Vancouver’s regional issues that including Transportation that unfortunately residents are just are not but should be aware of. There is so much material and information that is just not getting into the Public’s hands; we will keep our readers informed. What is really happening behind the scenes, check us out starting again the first week of January 2017, tune into  www.langleywatchdog.com .

Over 70,000 views to-date! Feel free to contact me at any time by email, Facebook or by phone. All contact information is available on our BLOG and ALL contact is guaranteed to be confidential!

On behalf of www.langleywatchdog.com we want to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year. See you in January 2017!


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe should be of significant concern and interest to residents of the Township of Langley.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and STAY ACTIVE!!!



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