UPDATE – You can’t make this stuff up! Our Premier is clearly over her head and miles BELOW her pay grade in ability…. Her statements recently give good reason to say NO to a NEW Translink Tax!

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every time you think you have heard it all, along comes our Premier who makes public statements about Translink that is completely and unequivocally false! How she can stay in office by showing herself to be so inept is mind boggling.

Have you heard her comments pertaining to the Transit / Translink plebiscite as picked up by CKNW the other day? Premier, I hate to be so frank but as they say if the shoe fits wear it – “Madame Premier, you have been either lying to us or you are too stupid to be running this Province”! Read 0n – Quotes from our Premier –

“And for those who think Translink itself is the problem” Clark says, “its up to Metro Vancouver mayors to fix it.” Premier, they can’t YOUR legislation does not permit it!

“Translink belongs to the mayors, and only the mayors, if there are problems that need to be addressed in Translink, the mayors can fix those because it is not a provincially run organization.” Premier, they can’t YOUR legislation does not permit it!

“As for criticism that Translink’s bad image and lack of accountability are undermining the Yes campaign” Clark says “that’s also the mayor’s problem”. Premier, they can’t fix it your legislation does not allow it!

Conclusion – “The definition of INSANITY is accepting a NEW Transit Tax to generate more funds to feed a fiscally irresponsible Translink, expecting a different Result!”

The full BLOG Post follows!!!

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