Township of Langley Politics just gets more interesting by the day! B.C. Liberal connected Polling firm, Innovative Research Group, conducts a Community Survey….. and the questions are even more revealing?

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Did you get your phone call? From the calls I have been receiving many did and many have questions as to who is behind this and who is really running our municipality. As I have repeatedly said on this BLOG, all you have to do is connect the dots, it really is that easy. If you will recall in the past I have often posed the question of the utilization of Provincial Resources to try to effect our (your) local election outcomes (to-date they have been successful by the way), are you happy so far? Are we going to put up with continued attempts by some unknown to attempt to manipulate and control your franchise right? Are the Provincial Government through their MLAs involved in the politics of local government? If so it shows a complete lack of respect to you the taxpayer.

For the record: The “Community Survey” of the Township of Langley is being conducted by (as stated above) the Innovative Research Group which is owned by one Greg Lyle. It is well known that Greg Lyle is a political operative, he ran the 1996 Gordon Campbell Election Campaign, conducted a poll for Christy Clark’s failed Point Grey by-election attempt and conducted extensive political polling and survey work for the B.C. Liberal Party. The connection is close, consider Mike McDonald was hired by the Premier as Chief of Staff, after her leadership win, who worked for Innovative Research Group. He has since left the Premiers office to go back to the private sector. I knew Greg Lyle back in the Socred days during the late 80s. You can’t make this stuff up!

Why a Survey? Who Commissioned it? So, what brings the Innovative Research Group to the Township of Langley, you ask? In virtually an identical tone to surveys and research commissioned by someone (?) in the fall of 2010 and a couple of times during the election year of 2011, this survey featured a lengthy dose of questions pertaining to the then upcoming Municipal Election. It contained just a smattering of questions that could only be of interest to the governing B.C. Liberal Party?  Would these of been posed just to make it worthwhile for them to pay the bill? Who else would want the answers or would benefit from the answers to these questions, doesn’t it just make sense? Connect the dots? Just asking, wasn’t Rich Coleman, our MLA, Co-Chair of last year’s Provincial Re-election Campaign for the B.C. Liberal Party?

Back to the survey: After being asked about what were the most important issues in our community out of a list of 20 or so they go on to ask – Have you heard of these people? (Favorable or not favorable)

  • Michelle Sparrow
  • Angie Quaale
  • Bev Dornen
  • Eric Woodward
  • Blair Whitmarsh
  • Charlie Fox
  • Kim Richter
  • Rick Green
  • Jordan Bateman
  • Jack Froese

So many questions and no answers? Well I certainly have some questions and some thoughts!

  • Should Steve Ferguson, Bob Long or Grant Ward who all missed on getting onto this preferred (by some) list, be happy or sad? David Davis who is left off the list, should be ecstatic!
  • How was my name selected to be on this list, I am retired and I would add, I am happy in retirement!
  • Eric Woodward, the land baron of Fort Langley running for Council? OH that will be interesting! I can see the public uproar and total community revolt within 6 months if he runs and is successful!
  • Blair Whitmarsh, a very fine individual working in a senior management capacity with Trinity University. Unfortunately with its association with the Township on issues with Metro, University District, land and the Langley Event Center relationship, it causes me to pose a serious potential of a conflict or perceived conflict of Interest on so many fronts. Can he excuse himself from the table, sure, but there are just far too many issues of a potential or perceived conflict. It certainly could be a potentially serious issue going forward.
  • Jordan Bateman, he of his new found hypocritical protecting the taxpayer fame? Jordan’s voting record clearly shows that he never met a tax increase or spending increase he didn’t like. This is the same Jordan Bateman that publicly stated that he didn’t know why the Mayor made public that there was no P3 agreement in place for the Langley Events Center as was told to the public by staff and Council. This is the same Jordan Bateman who was deeply involved in the Langley Events Center FINANCIAL fiasco that caused us taxpayers to pay out an $8.6 million settlement that was completely unnecessary. This is the same Jordan Bateman that didn’t hear the overwhelming public opposition to an additional 4th story at 4th reading (legality in question?) at Bedford Landing, the Mufford Crescent Diversion, Athenry Development and more and more and more….. (sound familiar, just like the current council? Nothing has changed!)

Next Question:

If there was a Township Election tomorrow would you vote for Jack Froese? Yes or No

Next Question:

If there were these three people running for Mayor, who would you vote for?

  • Jack Froese
  • Jordan Bateman
  • Rick Green

My thoughts?

  • Is this Jordan’s announcement? It could be a very interesting fall! (my thoughts above) You might ask yourself which Jordan Bateman are you going to elect, the one embracing Taxation and Spending or his new found belief that some would suggest is one of convenience? Given his record, how could anyone trust any of his pronouncements?
  • There they go again, while I am honored to be considered, I am retired, and once again, I am very happy!

The survey then goes on to ask about the degree of support or non-support on issues such as  Coulter Berry in Fort Langley, a tree cutting bylaw in the Township and what I will call a disingenuous diversion list of quasi provincial interest.

Conclusion –

What is so sad in our community are the provincial fingerprints all over due process. I have provided what I believe to be significant proof whether it was the messages I received at my meeting with Rich Coleman 10 months before election-day of 2008 (my election as Mayor), the lack of a P3 as promised on the Langley Events Center, the Trinity / Wall interference whether on the public comments about Metro or his email to Chair Greg Moore requesting NO appeal on the B.C. Supreme Court decision and his admitted phone conversations with Surrey Councilors prior to their vote on the major South Surrey Casino. It goes on and on and on. When are taxpayers / residents going to stand up and revolt against these actions and say no more! Just ask yourself, and use common sense, who else has the access to resources that could influence a campaign? Fight now or you will be very sorry later! I rest my case!!



I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to Township of Langley Residents. Check in daily!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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  1. DeceitinDrugs says:

    I am not surprised….we see the same connection of BC Liberals to #Abbotsford Council
    and select Exec. members of Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce. In fact, Abbotsford ex-chamber president, Pat Giesbrecht, now, sits on Langley EDC with Eric Woodward…no surprise there either.
    This has occurred after he was on Abbotsford Mayor’s Economic Prosperity Task Force…the Mayor
    is an ex- Abbotsford Chamber director as well..need I say more.

    • You know I find it surprising re the issue of the Chamber. Certainly being a member or an executive member of the Chamber does not preclude anyone from running for Public Office however the connections in my opinion are too close. I was a member of the Chamber in Delta for years but we were never considered the farm team for public office? RG

  2. Mei Lin Yeoell says:

    My oh My! This is the BEST Soap Opera…..and how come I didn’t get the call…and there were no questions allowing editorial comment! NO FAIR. The whole thing smells of manipulation! Not too surprising! Keep up the good work of expose and explanation

    • I have been involved in local, provincial and federal politics for too many years> I can tell you that back in the 80s in Delta we had issues of attempted influence by a provincial politician that we thought was wrong, but in hindsight that doesn’t come close to what is going on in the Township of Langley.

  3. Wouldn’t Elections BC like to know about this? or Provincial level press? Its clear abuse of TOL taxpayers money to have a biased survey intended to put names in peoples heads before the election…

    • As far as Elections B.C. goes it really isn’t against any regulation as far as I know. It is immoral as hell but not any different than what has been going on in this municipality as I see it for a couple of decades. The only difference now is that there i9s this BLOG willing to out what is really going on!

      I send the major media notification of posts when I publish them and in some cases before similar to the infamous Coleman email chain to Greg Moore Chair of Metro. The key here Mike is waking up the electorate as to what is and has been happening to them for years and get them to stand up and say no more!!!! As I said in my post this survey is virtually identical except a change of names, change of provincial issues than what was done in Sept. of 2010, Spring of 2011 and late summer 2011 leading into the election that fall. There is no question that there are some members of the establishment that are getting worried that their gravy train is going to run off the tracks. You know what, with any luck they could be right!!!

      • gadfly says:

        I wholeheartedly agree “waking up the electorate” is LOOONG overdue in the ToL. The level of apathy is just HUGE – and the statement “if it does not affect me personally, I am not interested.”

        This is a fairly recent societal problem, and it is made worse by the types of “urban development” that are first promoted and secondly allowed in neighbourhoods like Yorkson and “schoolless” Routley, with much more to come in other communities if people do not wake up.

        Why? Because people in high density townhouses and apartments tend to lead entirely individualistic lifestyles, compared to people with land in the backyard of their single family residential lot, and fences that they can speak to with their neighbours. This is all very sad, but true.

  4. I agree that communities have become disjointed in terms of connecting with each other. There is that old line that “you get the government you deserve”. Unfortunately that is more and more what the unscrupulous are counting on, and they have been getting away with it for the most part. Hopefully there will be an awakening, the world does have a tendency to retrace it’s steps.

    In the case of the Township we have seen a growing stranglehold of control by just a few, unlike anything I have seen in 35 years of being involved. It is not healthy for any community to allow this kind of common control to take place. We will keep fighting to awaken the electorate.

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