CALL TO ACTION – VERY IMPORTANT: Coulter Berry Building in Fort Langley….. The Poster Child for BAD Municipal Government!!!!!! What’s NEXT? Read On….

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The Coulter Berry Building fiasco is a very serious issue within what is broadly considered to be the jewel in the Township of Langley Crown – Fort Langley! Fort Langley’s history and development has been protected for decades by hundreds of hard working, community minded and dedicated individuals, many of them pioneers, who have fought hard for its protection. Coulter Berry is also symptomatic of how business has and is being done in the Township of Langley for many years. Favor to a few friends at the expense of the majority!!!! Well, here is where we are at…..

The Next Chapter in the Coulter Berry Saga

On Monday February 24, our Township Council passed first and second reading for the proposed Coulter Berry 2.0 building. More than 150 people, with the majority opposed to the building and bylaw changes, turned out to hear how this council would vote. The crowd was not surprised by Council’s decision.

The 7 to 2 vote, with Councilors David Davis and Bob Long opposed, pushes the proposed project and re-zoning to a public hearing to be held on March 10 at 7:00 pm at the Township of Langley Council Meeting.

Councilor Bob Long proposed a referral motion that the project should be sent back to staff to work with the developer to trim its height at the corner of Mavis and Glover, where the building is highest. Adding “It’s too big, too tall, and it’s too bulky,” This referral motion was also defeated 7 to 2. For the record the proposed Coulter Berry 2.0 would be higher than the Park Lane Condo Wall in Bedford Landing.

David Davis said he liked the building design, but NOT in Fort Langley and he doesn’t like “tailor-making” the three proposed bylaws. That would enable the site to be re-zoned to allow a three-story 46’10” high building as well as change the Fort Langley Building Façade Design Guidelines to say they are there to “assist but not bind” council. This would be a very dangerous move.

Davis also asked, “Why are we changing three bylaws to suit this one development and ONE developer?”

This is a very good question and one that has finally been asked by a Councilor. We have heard on many past occasions from various Councilors that they do not agree with spot zoning, yet this is exactly what is being presented in a public hearing for consideration by the public and for approval by Council.

I would add, the comment made by Councilor Davis drew spontaneous applause from the gallery. This applause by residents in the audience drew a VERY ANGRY RESPONSE by Mayor Froese saying, “This is a debate among Council, not entertainment for you”. Trust me you can’t make this stuff up!! Mayor Froese, what an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.

The next step in this process is the Public Hearing which will be held in the Township of Langley Municipal Council Chambers on Monday March 10th, 2014.

Call to Action – There are a few things we are asking of from residents in the Township of Langley and they are important IF you want to stop this type of behavior and development by your council –

  1. Sign the Petition against Coulter Berry (Coming by separate email) and submit your names as outlined or drop it by in person. The petition is also available at
  2. Attend the March 10th, 2014 Public Hearing (Details below)
  3. Sign up to speak at the Public Hearing IF you feel comfortable and/or leave a written submission during the Public Hearing.

At that point, once everyone has had a chance to speak and/or submit petitions and submissions, Council will deliberate for presumably a week and vote at the next Monday night Council Meeting. This vote will presumably and hopefully follow extensive discussion and debate on many of the issues presented by you at Public Hearing. Remember, Council cannot legally receive any further information in relation to these bylaws after the Public Hearing and before their vote at 3rd reading. This IS your only chance to stop the irresponsible actions shown to date. It is all of our collective and sincere hope that Council will listen.

As mentioned above, Councilors will vote and decide if the bylaws will be changed and if the Coulter Berry 2.0 building will proceed as presented at the next Monday Evening Council meeting. If this project is defeated, our Heritage Conservation Area will stay intact and the developer will have to adhere to the current height and scale requirements. Our goal is to ensure that the many decades of protective Municipal and Provincial Heritage Legislation IS NOT COMPROMISED for and by anybody!

Your participation in speaking, signing the petition and submitting a written opposition is important to send our Councilors the message that we do not agree with spot zoning to suit one developer. By changing the by-laws we will no longer have opportunity to challenge other developments that are this large in our village as the bylaws will allow buildings that are the same height (46’ 10” high). This opens the doors to the rest of Fort Langley being easily developed in the same scale and thereby the corruption of many decades of Heritage Protection.

Everyone is tired of the Coulter Berry Saga!

Let us all please stop wasting tax payer’s money and time. This building should have never been allowed to go through with an application a second time while being so close in design to the original proposal. Please speak out and tell our Councilors once and for all that we do not agree with the fast tracking and spot zoning to suit one developer and we want to preserve the character and Heritage of Fort Langley. This is not just Township heritage it is Provincial Heritage. Fort Langley is widely considered to be the Birthplace of British Columbia!

FAX OR EMAILS PETITIONS TO:  Fax to 1.866.830.4120       For a copy of the petition!

Please know you can effectively change what is going on, but you have to become active!

This Municipal Council has an abhorrent record of not listening to the public. Nothing will change until all of us make the change for them!!!

A Call to action – Attend this Public Hearing and be heard! Details

  • Coulter Berry 2.0 Public Hearing
  • Township of Langley Municipal Hall – 20338 65th Ave.
  • Fraser River Presentation Theatre – Council Chambers 4th Floor
  • Monday March 10th 2014 – 7:00 PM



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Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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