Coulter Berry UPDATE: – Important Notice to Township Residents – It is time to stand up and take a stand on Coulter Berry….

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

If not, you will get the government you deserve!!!! What is happening now in Fort Langley is an injustice to all Township of Langley residents. This Council is perpetrating a breach of a trust given to it by residents who voted for them in the last election to protect their community. Do you remember the promises made by all of your members of Council during the last election? What do you think of them now?

Fort Langley is the birthplace of British Columbia. Council is directly threatening the Fort Langley Official Community Plan, our Heritage and the long protected Heritage Conservation Area in Fort Langley. This by all appearances is just the start of more to come. It is the tip of the iceberg and is about more than one building. Don’t let them take this action without a hell of a fight, don’t let them change your community forever!!!!!

This BLOG, was created after one year of experience with this Council and it’s actions. Now happily in retirement I can assure you I have more than enough to occupy my time than spend many hours of every day writing Posts for this BLOG. Unfortunately the actions of this Council challenged me directly to speak up and do my part to tell the real story, thereby the launch of I can’t sit back and watch this happen!

Now, I have heard it said before, “this happens in ALL cities and Municipalities”. Well, I can say emphatically in 35 years of personal political experience, I have never witnessed the degree of political incompetence and willful disregard for the public as is the case in the Township of Langley. The creative wherewithal that senior staff can garner to suit their purpose is beyond the pale. Even IF the saying (above) was true, which it isn’t, are you prepared to sit back and be walked all over by your government? What if it directly affected you? (and it could at any time) As I said earlier – you will get the government you deserve!!! Now is the time to react, here is why!

The Township of Langley Council has wasted NO TIME in looking after their friend and insider Mr. Eric Woodward at your expense. Immediately following Mr. Woodward’s love in / Open House on Thursday night in Fort Langley MC’d by none other than Eric’s consultant, former Mayor Kurt Alberts (good friend of the Jack Froese slate on Council), Friday morning’s posting of next Monday’s Council Agenda is further proof that they can’t ram this through fast enough! This is the worst case of spot zoning imaginable!

Surprise, surprise, Monday night’s Council Meeting will feature First and Second Reading of Bylaws:

No. 5063           Bylaw No. 5063 amends the Fort Langley Community Plan by clarifying the informative purpose of the Fort Langley Building Façade Design Guidelines, namely to assist but not bind Council in implementing the Fort Langley Community Plan.

No. 5064           Bylaw 2014 No. 5064 rezones property located at 9220 Glover Road from Community Commercial Zone C-2 to Comprehensive Development Zone CD-100 to permit development of a three storey, mixed use development.

No. 5068           Bylaw 2014 No. 5068 amends the Township of Langley Sign Bylaw to ensure consistency with the informative intent of the Fort Langley Community Plan and specifically the building design guidelines.

I will say the Township of Langley is consistent. By introducing a convoluted set of three bylaws at one time, (an omnibus Bylaw process) they limit public consultation and input. Please note the wording in Bylaw No. 5063 – “namely to assist but not bind Council in implementing the Fort Langley Community Plan”. Not firm, just if THEY (Council) wish to enforce, you know if you are a friend or part your hair the right way! What an absolute insult to our community and it’s planning. This is a whole you could drive a truck through.

The Size of Coulter Berry 2.0 is completely and totally out of character with the long standing heritage policies, heritage Guidelines and Heritage Conservation Area. Now, take into account Mr. Woodward now owns over 50% of the Commercial Area of Fort Langley. Question – How long do you think it will be for Mr. Woodward, an obvious close friend of members of Council, (why else would they be going through this) will it take to redevelop a number of other properties whereby he will be seeking similar spot zoning approvals ? WE will have lost the character of Fort Langley forever. Please take a stand against this kind of out of control Municipal Government.

“If we don’t stand for something we will stand for anything”

and we have stood for anything far too long !!!!!

Call to Action – WE NEED YOUR HELP – Please attend:

Hello All,

It appears the Township of Langley is planning a fast track ramming through of the spot zoning to accommodate the Coulter Berry Development. They also intend to implement OCP amendments which will likely open the door to many more Coulter Berry type developments being proposed and approved in the Fort .The only chance we will have short of another long and expensive court battle is for them to see that there is huge public opposition to their attempts.

This February 24th at 7 pm at the Township of Langley council meeting we need to get as many like-minded individuals to come out and wear their Yellow hand, Heritage Button etc. and sit respectfully and quietly and have our presence show the mayor and council we will not be allowing them a free pass on this. They are considering the first and second reading of the spot zoning and OCP amendments.

We will have people at the entrance to the 4th floor council meeting room ready with yellow hands to hand out. I hope as many of you as possible will take the time to show up. We will also need even more to show up for the future public hearing that will be held before the Township’s final decision. This will likely be March 10th by all indication, we will keep you posted!

Please share this notice with everyone you know who you believe cares about Fort Langley as we do. We need to get the word out and garner support as quickly as possible. I look forward to a sea of yellow hands on Monday and even more at the public hearing.

Thanks Harold

Council Meeting will be held at:

Township of Langley Municipal Hall

20338-65th Avenue

Langley B.C.

7:00 PM Monday February 24th, 2014

4th Floor – Fraser River Presentation Theatre



More interesting BLOG Postings coming later this week!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!

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  1. Redtube says:

    It’s an amazing post in support of all the online viewers; they
    will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

    • Unfortunately you are very typical of the few who live in the Township that can’t see a problem with special benefits being given to a few at the expense of the majority. In an attempt to try to drill home the point of concern once again, it is about breaking rules, breaching resolutions and by-laws. I would only hope that you and those that think like you will wake up BEFORE you are personally affected by a similar move by this Mayor and Council. This type of governance and thinking is wrong and must be resisted by Township residents if we care about our quality of life.

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