Trying to make any sense out of this Township of Langley Council? Township of Langley Staff have made creative legislation an art form….. and more!

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The problem is Council are either buying in hook, line and sinker or are in on the creation at the expense of the taxpayer! It makes for bad and very questionable government!

NEWS FLASH – Your Municipal Council’s actions and decisions have the greatest impact on our quality of life which includes affordability (taxes and fees for services), livability (compatible zoning, by-laws, regulations and land use) and services (arenas, parks, trails and other community amenities). It is very unfortunate and I would add disgraceful that only 19 – 21 % of residents take the time to vote. I am pounding the drum to wake up our community to the issues and will continue to do so! We need everyone’s help to spread the word because the election is only 8 months away!

In viewing the meeting of our Municipal Council prior to the Christmas break, it caused me some uncomfortable flashbacks but also drew me into the issues being dealt with and the impact their decisions were going to have on our community. Here is a snapshot of the issues that caught my attention and the questions I have about their debate and decisions –

Serious resident Parking issues in Willoughby – There were four residents (delegations) who each passionately spoke for their allotted five minutes on behalf of the residents of each of their residential communities or complexes relating to what can only be described as their impossible parking situation. It was well presented by the residents through a Power Point presentation. What has made their situation particularly intolerable is the introduction (with no notice or consultation) of NO PARKING by the Township of Langley on main corridor or collector streets.

What is at the heart of this problem and getting massively worse are the Township of Langley’s development guidelines, bylaw requirements and secondary suite requirements for resident and Visitors Parking. By today’s standard, they are completely sub-standard from what is necessary.

The result of their effort was a temporary relaxation of parking regulations over the Christmas holidays, was this the best they could do? What is a viable solution?

The best way to describe the problem was presented by one of the residents. The 42 unit development his family lived in, when approved by the TOL and Council provided 10 visitor spots. As was pointed out, this number would probably allow for 2 residents to do any kind entertaining with friends at any one time. Any visitors beyond the 10 would have to park about a half kilometer away, or receive a parking ticket. Welcome to the Township of Langley.

I have been out of office for two years and haven’t spent too much time observing the level of development up in the Willoughby slopes. To that end I went for a two hour tour the other day and quite frankly it was mind boggling. In my opinion the development going on in Willoughby is rampant and unabated. It is far too dense and without due care and attention to required community amenities to service the existing and planned development. An example of what I am talking about is another 617 unit development given 1st and 2nd reading just recently. A drive through of Willoughby will readily give you insight into the number of development signs and/or property sold signs on display.

Where have they gone wrong? Where do I start? Some would say it is too late, I don’t believe that it is but it is getting close!

This out of control Willoughby Development / Parking issue was one of many that caused me to come out of political retirement in 2008 to run for Mayor. Foolishly on my part I thought any reasonable thinking elected Council or Council member would welcome new ideas and insight into policy and plans that would provide significant improvement going forward. A key initiative I brought forward and had presented to Council was introducing Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) which up to that time had been successfully launched, welcomed and court tested in the City of Vancouver. The individual (now retired) who I had make this presentation to our Council had been instrumental in the CAC program in the City of Vancouver. As I said, foolishly, I thought we would or could welcome NEW IDEAS! As an example of the mentality of this Council; Councilor Ferguson’s comment was this may work in the City of Vancouver but this is the Township of Langley! Yes, and your point is Councilor Ferguson – I rest my case! How this man continues to get elected to Council is beyond me!

If they don’t assist current residents with permanent solutions to their parking and density problems and get control of the situation of out-of-control development now, Willoughby will be unlivable in the not too distant future! It is not about No development but IT IS ABOUT GOOD DEVELOPMENT!

Speaking of Out-of-Control Development – First and Second Reading was given to Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application Bylaws No. 5026 and 5027:

I have said from day one that in my opinion the Township of Langley process is flawed as it relies on what I consider to be a fashion of spot zoning and not good planning. I don’t believe good planning is accomplished through what I call Omnibus bylaws. In other words two processes in one. This development is a perfect case in point 1) They are Amending the Official Community Plan and 2) They are Rezoning the property to fit this particular development, ALL in one process, one public hearing. This process along-side the large number of “Neighborhood Plans” as opposed to a well thought out comprehensive Development Plan for the entire Willoughby Community is what is at fault for what we are seeing. It is a process that is very easily developer and staff manipulated through one process as opposed to two, which should be the case. The taxpayer is the one that pays the price through lack of public process and lack of Developer supported community needs. Here is the density at stake for the above development coming your way by Public Hearing –

7642 – 206th Street / 7725 – 208th Street / 7751 – 208th Street – Approximately (interesting choice of words) 617 units (29 single family lots, a 46 unit strata site), (16 detached units, 14 duplexes and 16 row-houses), (239 townhouses and 303 apartments). We (you the taxpayer) are being taken to the cleaners with respect to what (or what isn’t) being demanded from the developer. This IS NOT about being anti-development, IT IS about GOOD and SUSTAINABLE DEVLOPMENT.

Here is an interesting decision? – Third Reading of bylaw No. 5031 denied on a tie vote, (Councilor Dornan was absent) not because of the density or the plan but because of a split opinion on the wishes by the Mormon Temple to flip the most dense part of the development away from the Temple as opposed to being right next door. Their concern was over the potential for parking in their lot by neighboring residents. It was Councilor Fox who in his typical sarcastic and condescending fashion said the church can lock their gates. It was suggested by the Mayor that it may be brought back for reconsideration with a full council at the next meeting. That will be an interesting vote!

True to his word, Mayor Froese brought it back to last Monday’s Council meeting for reconsideration. Well, surprise surprise, Councilor Dornan voted in favor and Councilor Ward changed his vote and now supports it. Believe me, all it took was a week of convincing these two to get on-side with the rat pack!

This development is located between 82nd and 84th at about 204th. Density with virtually no asks by the Township, here is another 244 units (117 single family lots, a 90 unit strata site), 36 detached units and 54 townhouses), (29 row-houses and 8 duplexes); ALL OF THIS UNDER THE INADEQUATE PARKING REGULATIONS GOVERNING DEVELOPMENT IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY.    

Third Reading for Bylaw 5037 – Medical Marihuana Zoning bylaw amendment – Interesting debate 

Federal Medicinal Marihuana laws are being changed effective this coming April providing Municipal input and control over location and safety issues. This action is long past due and goes back to our united FCM position and lobbying efforts and local meetings with the Federal Ministries during 2010/11.

All municipalities are having to position themselves as to approved location of licensed premises, Agricultural or Industrial. The Agricultural Land Commission has stated that Marihuana Grow Ops are an approved agricultural function within the ALR.

The Township, in keeping with past practice, made an arbitrary decision without going to their Advisory Agricultural Committee to push ALL licensed Medicinal Grow-Ops to industrial property and off of Agricultural land. After all of that they go through 1st and 2nd reading, public hearing and then in this last meeting debate third reading. With a looming April deadline facing them and the need for a bylaw to be sent to Victoria for approval they start to debate about sending the proposed bylaw to their Agricultural Committee for input. Now for those that don’t know, which obviously includes Councilor Richter (after only 15 years on Council it takes some a little longer to know the rules) a Council member cannot accept new information or input after the Public Hearing! To my amazement she had a debate with the Administrator questioning why they could not get more input without coming back to Public Hearing! Not legal Councilor Richter, where have you been for 15 years? It boggles the mind!!

Latest Update – News on Coulter Berry –

At the January 13th, 2014 afternoon Council Meeting Councilor Fox moved a motion to receive the previously publicly named Win-Win proposal that was received from The Society of Fort Langley Residents for Sustainable Development. In short it basically dealt with a short term Permissive Tax Exemption. Like everything else this Council does they dismissed it and rejected it without so much as a benefit cost analysis. Then we have Councilor Richter lighting her hair on fire preaching the protection of public funds? What? This after no financial analysis has been done? This after her and her fellow councilors are responsible for wasting millions and millions of tax payer dollars on everything from overpaying on Trinity lands, the outrageous financial debacles in the Langley Events Center, McLeod Park over budget by three times and more! Talk about a gang that can’t shoot straight!!!

Now, interestingly, after making noises about appealing the decision, Eric Woodward just announced the reapplication of a newly designed Coulter Berry being submitted this week. Now it has to be said, this design was not created within this past week. This is all part of a larger Master Plan. To the community – Stay tuned for what lies ahead!!!


More interesting Township Features coming soon!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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