To Metro Vancouver Parks Committee Members – Just say NO to the Campbell Valley Park Speedway proposal!!!

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


To ALL Metro Vancouver Parks Committee Members: I hope all of my former colleagues are doing well!

I am following up my earlier email and BLOG Post on the proposal to reopen the Langley Speedway in Campbell Valley Park offering my initial thoughts on the proposal and presentation by Murray Jones of the Historical Speedway Society. There is a very real lesson here in the move by Metro to agree to the designation of “Historical” under the guise of them agreeing NOT TO reactivate the track back in 2006. Gosh (could use much stronger words) it has only taken them 7 years and here they are cap in hand asking for it to be reactivated. What is that saying, give them an inch and they will take a mile! I sincerely hope many have learned from this experience, I just hope that mistake hasn’t severely cost us by destroying this GEM of a park for years to come.

I have to admit that I am shocked that this proposal from the Speedway Society is or has gained the notoriety and/or consideration that it has, given the historical detail that has been provided by staff based on past actions from the Parks Committee and Metro Board. This proposal is so fundamentally wrong in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. But here is just a start –

  • The Historical Speedway Society is exactly that, historical with a very clear understanding that it would not be reopened.
  • I would suggest that the investment that Metro Vancouver has made thanks in part  to proceeds by the Pacific Parkland Foundation was made with a clear understanding of the mandate given each park.
  • The safety issue will, without a doubt, end up causing serious equine accidents in the park which will end up being litigated against Metro and member municipalities for years. This isn’t a threat it is a fact – Horses and Cars do not mix!!
  • The cost of a comprehensive study will be significant as described by staff. Metro cannot accept that funding from the proponent, as much as we would all like that, to pay for this study due to the obvious – Perception of a conflict of interest which would put in question any final result.
  • The proponents rambling about commitments and donations is exactly that, rambling. Until the commitment is in writing it means absolutely nothing.
  • Imposing this track on the community with it’s traffic congestion and required road upgrades to mitigate these problems would be a serious financial burden. There is no clear financial return for Metro, which is supposed to be why this is even being considered, let alone funding to cover the significant costs to undertake this project. It is suggested that the required study could cost $500,000 of taxpayers money? Taxpayers have had enough, that should be clear to all concerned by now. This will be a NET COST!

I urge all of you to very seriously consider ALL of the presentations that have been made to you requesting that this proposal cease to be considered. The negative impact on the environment, noise pollution, effect on wildlife, naturalists, equine community, Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities and much more would destroy the decades of hard work to build what we have today. Why? It just doesn’t make any sense.

There are an ample number of other option (locations) in the lower mainland that all of those who say they are willing to come up with all this money can go and develop a facility that would meet their needs and standards. I am not against car racing, I am just in favor of common sense. Claiming to do it to make money for Metro Vancouver Parks is an absolute smokescreen, it is a ruse and has always been intended to be a ruse. It is what it is – an attempt to circumvent the previously agreed to policy, design and use agreement for Campbell Valley Park.

Please, just say NO!!!

Rick Green

  1. Thank you Mr. Green. Well said. I hope your former colleagues will show as much common sense as you have.

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