Opening the Langley Speedway in Campbell Valley Park? Where are our members of Council…. What the hell are they thinking?

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now let me see if I understand this, Metro Vancouver asked for proposals that would generate some revenue, and they come up with this??? The Township of Langley by virtue of our make-up of small hobby / horse farm properties has over the years become “The Horse Capital of B.C.” With well over 6,000 horses within our borders attracted through the years by attractions such as Campbell Valley Park and much more. It appears there are some elected officials willing to sell the horse community out! The very substantial horse industry tax base deserves far more respect from their elected members of Council!

To be honest with you, when I first heard about this suggestion I dismissed it out of hand believing it was a pie in the sky idea from the likes of Murray Jones of the Langley Speedway Historical Society. Murray Jones ran for Council and after my election in 2008 campaigned the idea of reopening the track. Well it appears to me and it was surprising, that Councilor Gayle Martin of Langley City, current Vice Chair and past Chair of the Metro Parks Committee seems to think it wasn’t a bad idea? This was counter to staff’s recommendations. Gayle, what are you drinking?

In reading some media writing on the subject and looking at quotes from elected members of the committee, it is absolutely dumbfounding what and how they think. Although after my three years in the Mayor’s Office nothing should surprise me.

So in reading these comments, Councilor Bob Long, yes that same Township of Langley Councilor that has built a reputation for himself for not seeking out anything that required too much work states “I think it is a philosophical Question”? What? Am I hearing that right? OH sure there is a philosophical bent to the argument, but that park use decision was made many years ago. NO Councilor Long, the primary argument against this idea is SAFETY.

Anyone who has been around horses for five minutes will understand, see and know that Auto Racing and Horses are as compatible as oil and water!! They just do not mix! This applies to the high volume of Equestrian park users who come from every corner of the lower mainland and beyond who would run in conflict with this proposed use. An estimated 100,000 equestrian users per year!

There will be THE inevitable number of equestrian accidents. Who pays? Who wants to take that responsibility? I would love to hear the legal defense argument as a result of the inevitable law suit(s) against Metro Vancouver and it’s member municipalities for approving this non-compatible use as a result of a serious equine accident. That isn’t just a possibility it is absolutely inevitable.

You know politics requires a lot of common sense, unfortunately we have and have had a serious common sense deficit on our Council for years and thanks to what you have to offer, that deficit has been extended to your regional responsibilities. Having been elected for the number of years that you have, claiming all of the knowledge you claim to have about the Township of Langley, it boggles the mind this idea would be remotely considered. Philosophical, not a chance! But then again I rest my case!

What also should be obvious, but doesn’t seem to be, is the negative affect Auto Racing would have on surrounding horse properties, not the least of which is the Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities situated right at the entrance to that portion of the park being suggested. This would force them to cease operating, at the very least, for the time period the track was being used, of course any member of Township Council who did their homework would know this and the good this society does for the entire lower mainland.

Beyond all of this, there would be an extensive amount of work needed on roads leading to this facility, 208th. Who pays? There would be an extensive amount of work needed on-site. Who pays?

While those of us, residents of the Township of Langley, know by their actions that consideration of public input through public meetings and/or public hearings is a foreign idea or concept to our Township of Langley Council; I have every confidence that Metro Directors, should it go this far and I hope it doesn’t, would introduce and welcome a public process!

Members of the Metro Vancouver Board and Parks Committee, I urge you, on behalf of the horse community throughout the lower mainland, please stop this insanity now and say no!

If there is a bent on finding a home for Auto Racing, please find a location that makes some “Common Sense”!

Rick Green


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  1. Jacob de Raadt says:

    I can think of at least two locations that would be better (and more revenue producing) and where drivers can do “minutes per lap” instead of “laps per minute”:

    1. The Highway 1 – 200th Street Interchange.
    2. The signalized intersection of Highway 10 (a.k.a. the Langley Bypass) and 200th Street.


  2. Cas Seitz says:

    I think it is a great idea and I support having a minimal number of events aat the speedway. The campbell Valley speedway is an absolute marvel and should be used. I am sure that the horsey people, myself being a horse person, can put our horses away for one day a month during the summer months and enjoy the events at the speedway. There is more to life than riding a horse. Many of the horses in Langley Township, of which the population is decresed substantially over that past 10 years, are not being riden or used other than for lawn ornaments. The Campbell valley speedway could also be used to host some outdoor equestrian events or even the Canada Day functions. . Since Langley Township is primarily rural, let’s think and promote rural. All we need to do is open our minds and think outside the box.

    • Cas: This is not about being against Car racing it is about ensuring safety for the large number of equestrian users of the park. It is about the intense noise coming out of this activity which will permeate the park. As a horseman you know the affect that noise will have on animals in the park, wild and domestic. Can you close down the park to regular users while a race event is planned, not likely given the number of access points throughout the park. What are you going to do about the PRDA facility at the entrance of the raceway? Are you going to shut them down while you have a race day planned? As I said in my post it just doesn’t make one iota of sense. RG

  3. Mike MacDonald says:

    They cant afford to fix 208th from 64th to the freeway, leaving it a congested nightmare ugly unsafe road, and they can consider a speedway in a park with all the related township infrastructure that would require?…sounds like the event center scam all over again…taxes and fees…spend and tax… its a sad day when Jordan Baitman now at CTF makes more sense that the local government.

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