Well it is finally time to vote…… Here is my view! It is like voting in a referendum, do you support their record? – Think about it!!!

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All of those that have been a part of this B.C. Liberal Government have been an absolute embarrassment to the principles and ideals of Free Enterprise in British Columbia. The only measuring stick taxpayers can use is past performance; can you in good conscience support the past actions of this government?

This B.C. Liberal Government is a sad testimony compared to the rich history of Free Enterprise in British Columbia. When I hear the likes of Rich Coleman and Christy Clark mouth the names of W.A.C. Bennett and Bill Bennett trying to align themselves for comparative purposes, it is frankly quite sickening. Nobody in Victoria today could hold a candle to the vision and management skills of WAC or Bill Bennett.

What is even more pathetic is watching the likes of Rich Coleman, Christy Clark and Mary Polak try to sell the cock and bull story that these are the NEW Liberals; when in fact they and many more currently in a leadership position in this government are responsible for the following list of ill-conceived, ill-planned and ill-timed events. Adding a few new candidates who are doing nothing more than doing a favour for the Liberal Party in a futile attempt to affect renewal, under pressure, does not change the structure and/or leadership of this party or Government. It is still the same party and the same government that is absent of any moral conviction. It is still a corrupt party and government!

Don’t forget the following when voting May 14th…………………

1.      HST! – Introduction of the HST despite pre-election promises not to. Never before has a government raised the ire of the electorate as the B.C. Liberals did over this one. The sad reality is the debate wasn’t about whether this was good or bad tax policy it was about the fact the B.C. Liberal Government lied to the taxpayers. FACT – It was a $2 Billion transfer of tax burden from business to the consumer!

 2.      B.C. Rail Sale! – The sale of B.C. Rail despite pre-election promises not to. OH sorry it was a 999 year lease. (Just a thought, how many countries will exist in 999 years? How insulting!) To refresh everyone’s memory one of a very few reasons Gordon Campbell lost the 1996 election to the NDP was he campaigned on selling B.C. Rail. So in 2001 that issue was off their platform. What happened – the B.C. Government sold B.C. Rail, they lied to the taxpayers.

 3.      Basi / Virk $6 million pay-out! – The pay-off of $6 million to Basi and Virk in exchange for a guilty plea. On the eve of Gary Farrell Collins testifying at the B.C. Rail trial the B.C. Government comes out with a settlement in exchange for a guilty plea and they pay off their legal fees of $6 million. The latest revelations courtesy of Jas Johal Global Television is proof of the wrong doings outlined by John van Dongen which outlines the agreement between Government and Basi / Virk. The Liberal Government actually expected the public to believe their version of events, what unfettered garbage.

 4.      Refused an inquiry on B.C. Rail / Basi and Virk to ensure public transparency! Given the justified public suspicion and profile of this issue, the B.C. Liberal Government could have solved their problem by holding a transparent public judicial inquiry. IF THERE WAS NOTHING TO HIDE why not! What is the TRUTH Rich Coleman – you were in Cabinet?

 5.      Claims of being the lowest tax regime in the country! – An absolutely false claim when taking into account the wide-ranging increases of user fees in every area of the Provincial Government starting with dramatic increases in HSP (Health Services Plan). I now believe from the outset this was all part of the Liberals master plan. Lower our marginal tax rates and make up the shortfall in user fees that are most often than not a significant burden on those that can least afford it. This type of action is just another character and moral flaw among many.

 6.      Translink, a dysfunctional corporation thanks to this government! A complete failure to lower mainland residents by failing to work with lower mainland Mayors to find a sustainable funding model for Translink while hiding behind the secretive Private Board of Directors they established. I was sitting at the Mayor’s Translink Council and experienced first-hand the complete arrogance and contempt the B.C. Liberal Government had for the Mayors of the region. They had an incredible opportunity to be a part of a partnership, unfortunately their arrogance got in the way. Now, with defeat staring them straight in the eye, we have Mary Polak agreeing to set up a special committee to help solve that problem this fall. Does Mary Polak actually believe she will be there? Mary, all of this was just too late.

 7.      B.C. Hydro and Rich Coleman’s mismanagement! – The Liberal Government’s (Minister Rich Coleman) complete mishandling of the B.C. Hydro file, turning B.C. s jewel of a Crown Corporation into a fiscal basket case. BC Hydro has signed long term contracts with various “green power producers” who are generating via “run of the river, solar and wind power”. These contracts call for power to be purchased at rates which represent 3, 4 and 5 times the current retail price of power. You cannot buy product at several times your resale price and make it up in volume. Two major power producers in California-PG&E and Southern California Edison filed for bankruptcy due to these ill-conceived concepts over a decade ago. BC Hydro seems to enjoy using “off balance sheet deferral accounts” so the true nature of their red ink generating activities are not seen on a daily basis by BC taxpayers-this was one of the major shortcomings leading to the downfall of Enron-the major power trading and wheeling entity which got BC Hydro’s PowerEx stuck with several hundred million dollars of unpaid bills with the State of California and charges of collusion. Do we want to put BC Hydro-which has the second lowest power rates in North America-at financial risk?

This Crown Corporation will be the key to attracting industry to BC just as Hydro Quebec uses North America’s lowest rates as the ultimate incentive to bring business to Quebec.

The B.C. Auditor General has severely criticized B.C. Hydro and the Liberal Government for special deferral accounts estimated at $2.1 billion expected to increase to $4.7 billion by 2014. Further they have Implemented Smart Meters at the cost of $1 Billion with absolutely no consultation or communication at a time that we are enduring a tough economy. This debt that is being put off to a later date. Rich Coleman’s defense is so pathetic it is no defense at all!

 8.      South Surrey Casino and Rich Coleman’s questionable involvement and interference! – As minister responsible for gaming in B.C. Rich Coleman was actively at the center of the promotion of a $100 million South Surrey Casino project. He is the regulator not the promoter, or is there more to this Rich? Interfering with local elected officials by contacting members of council during deliberations and public hearings is totally out of line. As or even more serious is his defense of his actions, clearly he just doesn’t get it.

 9.      Deficit lie! – Perpetrating a massive lie on the electorate prior to the last election (2009) with respect to the budgeted deficit erroneously pegged at $450 Million coming in after the election at what $1.86 Billion?

 10.     Selling off 100 Crown owned properties! – Selling off an estimated value of $800 million in order to balance the provisional 2013 budget. This by any standard is wrong, you do not sell off capital assets (actual value unknown until sold) to cover operating costs. It is the law of diminishing returns. So what do we sell off next year? This is like selling the family silver to pay today’s food bill, what do we sell tomorrow?

 11.       An $11 Million shameless Ethnic Voter scandal! – Utilizing publicly funded partisan staff to pay for partisan activities while underfunding persists in the Ministry of Families and other ministries.

Free Enterprisers DO HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE IN THE UPCOMING B.C. General Election!

This is just a partial list of so many incidents of wrong doing by this Liberal Government. As I have said before, you could not write this stuff! But it goes beyond the dysfunctional government in Victoria; it is also about how many senior Cabinet Ministers view their role as it pertains to relationship with local government. We have seen first-hand the bullying and intimidation practiced by Rich Coleman in telephone calls to elected Councilors in Surrey. Where else is this practiced? – Township of Langley? City of Langley? A good question we should all be asking ourselves.

The Provincial Liberal Government has breached the trust of the taxpayer in virtually all aspects of provincial governance in British Columbia. They cannot hide from that responsibility, and that failure.

IF the B.C. Liberal Government is supported by your vote it will be taken as a vote of confidence in everything they are responsible for. Is that what you want or they deserve?

After the NDP released their fiscal framework, Rich Coleman was interviewed and said it was disgusting – Well Rich I will tell you, and I believe the voters will tell your party on May 14th, what is really disgusting is your government and what you have done to this province! Look in the mirror and with any luck you won’t like the guy looking back at you!


I have been following this election campaign literally hourly along with all of it’s twists and turns. As Mayor I would never publicly comment in a partisan way leading up to a Federal and Provincial Election however that is not the case today. I won’t insult anyone by trying to tell them who to vote for, that is a personal decision. In this BLOG Post I have laid out the reason and rationale for my vote – It is all about integrity and the Liberals have failed!

Rick Manuel – B.C. Conservative Party

Rick is a solid candidate and citizen who I believe would work very hard in Victoria FOR ALL residents of Fort Langley Aldergrove.

IMPORTANT – VOTE May 14th, 2013. – If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!! 



I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to Township of Langley Residents, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!

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  1. Hi Rick,
    You have given an excellent analysis as usual. This has been the most morally corrupt government in BC history. Whenever they invoke his name WAC Bennett must be turning in his grave. Looking back I had some disagreements with Bennett. However, in comparison with todays Liberals those disagreements were minor. They are tearing down everything he built.
    Regards, Harold

    • Harold: Thank you for the comments. As a former staunch supporter of the Social Credit Party I too had difficulty with some issues and positions by WAC and for that matter Bill Bennett as I am sure there are New Democrats who felt similarly about their leadership from time to time, BUT but they were nothing in any type of comparison to what has been going on in Victoria over the past 12 years..

  2. I have said it before I could very easily become parochial ie what is best for me, but I resist that temptation. I will draw a parallel to what is going on in the Township of Langley Municipal Government, it is a carbon copy of what is happening with the B.C. Libs. SO will you reward those in our Municipal Government with re-election given their non-performance in listening to you the taxpayer? Just asking the question!!!!.

  3. Mike MacDonald says:

    I couldn’t say it all any better, and I (as always) agree with Herold.
    “This has been the most morally corrupt government in BC history.”
    What concerns me is how many people I talk to where the “scare them” radios ads are working – how can a government basically say “we are corrupt and we suck but the other guys might be worse” and get away with it? Lets hope the public are not that silly. I’m not going to vote for “we are not the worst-Liberals” I’m going to vote for who I think can be the best. In my case, NDP. And remember, I’m a business owner and I run big companies (all non-union). What the liberals say is simply not true. Economically the liberals have been bad, Socially they have been worse, environmentally they have been worse yet, and morally they are bankrupt.

    • Mike, I agree completely with your comments about the message of fear driven by the Liberals. I will continue to speak out against individuals who get elected and then spread misinformation that befits the bullies that they are. The lies that have been spread by this corrupt Liberal machine speak to the quality of the majority of those running for them, unfortunately. Until the voter grits their teeth, takes a stand and says no more, nothing will change, certainly Provincially and Municipally. I would strongly suggest what is going on in the Township of Langley is no worse than that provincially. That is scary!!!

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