UPDATE – Township of Langley residents are experiencing a significant DEFICIT in Municipal and Provincial Leadership, like never before… What are YOU willing to accept, what do they have to do to get your attention?

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This BLOG posting draws a parallel comparison between our Municipal Government and the current Provincial Government. Fundamentally it is about a comparative lack of transparency and public consultation on both levels. With the Provincial Election well underway, you and I are being bombarded with political messages that have one thing in common, from Rich Coleman, Mary Polak and the B.C. Liberals, “Don’t Let the Truth get in the way of a good story”. These people are drinking the same bath water as our Municipal politicians in the Township of Langley. There is more to the story.

It was interesting this week reading a few different letters to the editor coming from two different perspectives. Now, I understand politics very well and fully understand those that support individuals with different opinions and points of view. That’s democracy. But it is very important to dig a little deeper to maybe understand the whys of a particular viewpoint. It is all about connecting the dots and then let the electorate make up their mind about what is really happening. But let’s start with the truth shall we!

The Township of Langley –

–          Just connect the dots and see who is supporting who  –

Misty vanPopta Letter to the Editor Langley Times Thursday, April 11th – The Langley Times published a Misty vanPopta letter to the editor headed “Township Councilors have a tough job”. She bemoans the fact that they have the “unglamorous task of governing through these difficult decisions; what it is our elected officials do on their behalf and accusations are made about being paid off, of not listening to the public and of conspiracy in general”.

Misty goes on to state that she “would fear a community that was governed on the whim of emotions and not on a good sound thought process”. She goes on “I think our society in general abuses the terms democracy and free speech”.

I could go on but I hope you get the idea. This is THE finest example of someone who just does not get it, nor do they obviously have the life experience to know what is involved in Council decisions nor how a Municipal Council should run. Remember, just because a member of this council says something or this Council acts in a certain way doesn’t make it right nor does it put them in a good light compared to the process and procedure in most if not all other communities I am aware of. What is happening with this Council is a complete joke being perpetrated on the people of the Township of Langley fueled by special interests!

Conclusion – NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS BUT just so everyone is aware! Misty vanPopta was a candidate for Council in the last Municipal Election who was on THE list of recommended candidates by one Joel Schacter as published in his email (dated Nov. 15th 2011 at 3:00PM) previously posted on this BLOG. Joel Schacter is also a well known friend of Mark Bakken, Township CAO and Liberal MLA Rich Coleman for Fort Langley Aldergrove. That list supported Councilors Bob Long, Charlie Fox, Bev Dornan, Grant Ward, Steve Ferguson and Michelle Sparrow. Not bad, they got six of eight! Misty supporting this council? You draw your own conclusion.

And then we have the alternate….

Doug McFee Letter to the Editor Langley Advance Tuesday April 16th – The Langley Advance published a Doug McFee (Salmon River Enhancement Society) letter to the editor headed Public Hearings not worth attending! Now for the record Doug McFee and I did not agree on everything and I couldn’t honestly tell you what his politics are nor do I care. What I do care about is the position he and the society have decided to take with respect to the Public Hearing process in the Township. I don’t like their position but after watching, participating and seeing what has been going on in the Hall, I fully understand their position! Doug McFee is a very solid citizen of the Township with countless hours of volunteering. Despite the fact we didn’t agree on everything, which is good and healthy I might add, I used to enjoy having Doug in my office every couple of months or so for a meeting and discussion on a wide range of issues in our community.

You see Misty talks about the Democratic process and free speech. Well I think she should go back to school to understand the true meaning of democracy and free speech. It is my view, after years of experience in municipal governance in Delta, Metro Vancouver and the Township, that this Council from the Mayor on down (except David Davis) has no clue what those words mean!

Consider what this Council has done over the past few years (partial list) which brought with them a significant, just and responsible opposition –

  • The Park Lane Condominium Wall in Fort Langley
  • The Willoughby Forewest Development
  • The Coulter Berry Building in Fort Langley
  • The Wall Townhouse Development on Prime ALR Farmland
  • The rejigged Trinity University District
  • The rejigged Wall Townhouse Development on Prime ALR Farmland
  • Out of Control Soil deposits on Agricultural Land.
  • And much more….      

These are not the actions of a reasonably thinking Municipal Council. Remember Pete McMartin’s column in the Vancouver Sun on Mayor Jack Froese? –

(Pete McMartin Vancouver Sun) Nov. 29/12 RE Coulter Berry Building in Fort Langley

Mayor Froese was asked why he voted for it despite the evidence of so much local opposition states:

  • “He does not govern by petition”.

Of the preponderance of speakers opposing the variance at the official hearings Mayor Froese states:

  • “We really have to listen to the silence of the people who didn’t come out.”

Pete McMartin states “How Froese intuited that this absent cohorts silence was in favor of the Coulter Berry development and not against it, or split down the middle, is a mystery I will leave with him. Politicians have powers of the mind I cannot fathom.” Despite the size of the opposition only one councilor voted against it, it sure says something about what is going on, doesn’t it!

Conclusion – The actions (votes, process and procedure) of this council speak volumes about what they are all about. This is more about serving special interests than it is about responsible government.

B.C. General Election –

So now we have the goings on and ignoring of the facts by the B.C. Liberal Government and their current elected MLAs. I have already published a BLOG posting that outlines a number of lies told by the B.C. Liberals, but they continue to go on and continue to ignore the facts!

In the Vancouver Sun there was a guest editorial or opinion piece dated Wednesday April 17th, 2013, by one Martyn Brown, Gordon Campbell’s former Chief of Staff. It is titled “B.C. Liberal’s TV show offers no threat to the NDP”. It clarifies the facts surrounding debt and deficit in our province. It speaks a very different story than the likes of Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and Mary Polak would have you believe. The figures that he outlines have been known for some time but coming out of his mouth, it says it all. He was there, he should know!

So here we have the B.C. Liberals trying to scare the daylights out of John Q Public by running their campaign on the theme of fear “The NDP will run deficit budgets and our debt will grow out of control”, and OH yes they are the only ones that could provide good management of government. The problem is that just doesn’t pass the smell test!!!


Christy Clarks record! Total Provincial Debt which includes self-supporting debt and tax-payer supported debt has grown from $45 billion to $56 billion an $11 Billion increase or 24% increase in 2 short years and to a projected $69 Billion or 34% increase by 2015 under Christy Clarks plan! Purveyors of good sound fiscal control, I think NOT?

Rich and Mary, you sure know how NOT to control the debt and manage government!



The Christy Clark Liberals put now up an NDP Spend-o-Meter? What an unmitigated joke. Contrary to the FACTS, the Lieberals continue to perpetuate the biggest lie (and there is a lot to choose from) in the last 12 years. Seeing that Rich Coleman is the Co-Chair of the Provincial Liberal Campaign, we have to believe he is at the heart of perpetuating this BIG LIE!!! The numbers, an increase of $11 billion in debt by Christy Clark and her band of incompetent (are you listening Rich Coleman and Mary Polak) ministers over the past two years speaks volumes as to what these people are all about. Once again, they are an embarrassment to any and all free enterprise governments of the past.


The Question – Do we want to continue to elect those that continue to provide very questionable and unsatisfactory government or are we going to start to make those elected accountable?

Remember that old saying

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”!

As a society we have got to start spending more time deciding who it is we want to form Government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal. I have made a decision, after my time and experience in the Mayor’s Office, to say enough is enough. The easy decision for me and everyone else for that matter is to say the hell with it and go about our lives. What about having a moral commitment to play a part for change? I can hear the chatter now, how can I change it? Well I can tell you, based on personal experience YOU CAN change it!

I will have lots more in the days, weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

Over the next three to four weeks I will be posting some thoughts on what we will hear and see throughout the Provincial Election Campaign and where those issues intersect with Township and/or Municipal issues going forward.


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe should be of significant concern leading up to the provincial election connecting the dots municipally. – Not Healthy!

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!


Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!


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