BREAKING NEWS – CTV Investigative Report on the actions of three current members and one former member of the Township of Langley Council! This is outragious!

To all concerned: I am publishing information that was released in a CTV News item this evening. THE LINK IS BELOW! I received this information by email after the 5:00 PM broadcast today. It was addressed to, my email address and directed to me. A little explanation is necessary –

At 11:30 AM today I received a phone call from a reporter for CTV News who proceeded to tell me about a story he was doing for tonight’s news and would I go on air to comment, I agreed. We met up in Willoughby and he proceeded to show me the information he was dealing with on his I pad – It was all news to me, I didn’t think I could be shocked by much any more but this was a revelation. We did the shoot and I returned home.

Later in the day after the CTV 5:00 News I received an email with an attachment which I since copied and scanned. I will not disclose the source of the email but I have since checked on a good amount of the info and find it to be accurate.

I have been in politics for many years. We all know developers donate to Municipal Politicians and or their associates and/or principles under today’s rules BUT accepting donations while an application, amendment, zoning or whatever is before Council during 1st, 2nd, Public Hearing, 3rd, and/or 4th reading or Development Permit stage is outrageous. All votes and/or approvals received under this cloud MUST be reversed and nullified. They must be reprocessed.

Council must act immediately!

The attached Don Lidstone letter spells out the rules very clearly and are what I have always considered when I was involved. The donations are not the issue, THE TIMING OF THE DONATIONS ARE THE ISSUE.

I sincerely hope all involved will seriously go after this issue and correct it!

All the best


Rick Green

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