BC Liberal Alternative Facts…. NDP Facts and B.C. Liberal Dirty Tricks? Don’t be fooled, I have been one of them! VOTE NDP!

Posted: May 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have been there and I know from where I speak; DO NOT trust the B.C. Liberals is an understatement, their smear campaign, a campaign of dirty tricks, a campaign of FAKE News, a campaign of Alternative Facts and a take no prisoner campaign, NOTHING is off the table.

You have to understand you the voters are a very real threat in this election, a threat to the well-being of the movers and shakers, a threat to the well heeled and a threat to the power brokers in our society. Theirs is a campaign of maintaining the status quo, “Move along nothing happens here”. In their view “the end justifies the means”!

Knowing what moves them from the inside, I don’t think we have seen anything yet. When they see the power of government slipping away from them (and by their actions recently ie Tolls, MSP Premiums and more) they have through their DAILY POLLING, they are reacting like caged rats and responding accordingly! I have seen this before up close from a personal perspective.

As a worker, a candidate, an executive member, a life member, a Convention Plenary Chair, a campaign manager, a Central Campaign Chair and a candidate for Social Credit, I believed in our party and our philosophy. The B.C. Liberal Party grew out of Social Credit’s demise as the free enterprise option in B.C. It was the best party money could buy at the time by Gordon Campbell. The takeover of the B.C. Liberal Party coupled with his adoption of some back room boys from Social Credit was a harbinger of things to come. You are seeing the results of that today. Many of those that were adopted by Campbell from Social Credit were the problem previously and have brought their jaded views, opinions and self-serving agendas over to the B.C. Liberal organization. As bad as it became under Campbell, the Clark era has been a steady and steep decline into the ditch! The relentless unethical, immoral and untrustworthy actions by this government have caused me to speak up, get involved and say enough is enough! This is why I say “Hell has frozen over” I am voting NDP for the first time in my life. I am 71 years old and have voted in every election since I was eligible. It is long past due that we put our Province ahead of party. This Province is quickly slipping away from the Province that I want and wanted for my children and grandkids!

Watching that debate the other night and listening to Christy Clark was like listening to somebody WHO JUST DOESN’T GET IT, she is living in her world, certainly not ours! Her answers to questions surrounding housing affordability, poverty, children in care, the softwood lumber dispute added to her claims of superior economic job performance and financial management lead me to believe she is drinking her own bathwater, she is NOT dealing with real facts but she has created her very own ALTERNATIVE FACTS! We have seen this routine south of the border.

A B.C. Liberal Campaign of Alternative Facts!

So what to expect? Well the BC Liberal ads are flooding the airways and Social Media, most pointing the NDP record of the 90s, RIGHT? Their Campaign Creed is to spread fear and don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Well lets step back and look at some Fact Checking of Christy Clark’s statements –

Here are 15 quick examples to illustrate the point:

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about BC having the lowest middle class taxes. During last week’s BC leadership debate, Christy Clark repeatedly claimed BC has the “lowest middle class taxes in the country.”

One small problem: Clark’s own budget documents show BC’s middle class families actually pay more taxes than several other Canadian provinces, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about BC leading “the country in job creation”. Back in 2013, Clark took credit for leading “the country in jobs creation.”

One small problem: a closer look at BC’s rate of job growth showed the province was actually ninth overall – the second worst job creation record in Canada.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about “good paying jobs”. Despite Clark’s frequent claims on the 2017 election trail about creating “good paying jobs,” once again a closer look paints a far less rosy picture. 

One small problem: Data from Statistics Canada shows that of the 72,000 new jobs created in 2016, more than half were part-time. BC now has the largest share of part-time workers of any province in Canada.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about BC’s job situation.

One small problem: Despite the impression Clark creates on BC’s job situation, in reality, a high number of jobs created since 2011 have been part-time jobs in urban areas – at the same time, other regions in the province have seen the number of jobs decrease.

“In some regions, like the north and Interior, the total number of jobs that exist today are lower than the number of jobs before the (2008-09) recession,” notes CCPA senior economist Iglika Ivanova. Unemployment is in the 10% – 12% area.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up suggesting a year is 13 months long. In 2012, Clark claimed BC had created “57,000 jobs over the last year, more than any other province in Canada.”

One small problem: To arrive at that number, Clark included 13 months of data to exaggerate her yearly job creation record. On Earth, years are typically only 12 months long.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about “controlling government spending”. In TV ads last fall, Clark claimed “controlling government spending is really the foundation, is the bedrock of what we’re trying to do.”

One small problem:

When Social Credit left office in 1991, the provincial debt was $20 Billion.

When the NDP left office in 2001, they left a surplus of $1.2 Billion and a debt of $33.8 Billion.

B.C. Liberal debt load as of this year is $167.7 Billion ($66.7 Billion plus an additional $101.1 Billion in contractual obligations. BC Hydro etc.)

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about creating $1 trillion in economic activity. “It’s no fantasy!” claimed the 2013 BC Liberal election platform, explaining how Clark’s government would generate $1 trillion in economic activity and create more than 100,000 jobs.

One small problem: After the election, four pages of jobs data vanished from a report published by Clark’s Labor Ministry. And four years later, Clark’s dream of a $1 trillion LNG industry and 100,000 never made the leap from “fantasy” to reality.

Item: Christy Clark said she’d create 100,000 jobs? More like 200 or 300 (she made that up too)

One small problem: Speaking of Clark’s dream of creating 100,000 LNG jobs, as it turns out, even estimates from the industry’s proponents showed that at best it would only create jobs for 200 to 300 full-time permanent workers.

Item: Christy Clark’s finance minister made stuff up about the NDP platform.

One small problem: BC Liberal Finance Minister Mike de Jong recently held a train wreck of a press conference after reporter Mike Smyth asked him why he was attacking the NDP for things they never promised and never included in their platform. Clark’s finance whiz continued to self-destruct when reporters pointed out that one of the positions de Jong was attacking the NDP over was actually the same position the BC Liberals had previously proposed.

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about preparing kids for the digital economy. In an effort to show the province was preparing for the economy of the future, Clark announced that every child in the province would learn how to code, proudly declaring “BC is the first jurisdiction in North America to require coding in classrooms.”

One small problem: Clark’s Education Minister Mike Bernier later told the Vancouver Sun that there is “no additional money coming from the province” to actually support any kind of coding program, leading the Sun to conclude Clark’s pledge was yet another “alternative fact.”

Item: Christy Clark made stuff up about creating 10,000 forestry jobs. In Clark’s first year as Premier, her government boasted they had re-opened 27 mills and created 10,000 forestry jobs since 2009.

One small problem: The trouble with that claim is only 24 mills had opened, not 27, while an additional 23 mills had closed for a net loss of 1 – a slight exaggeration. Data also showed the true number of jobs created was fewer than half of what Clark’s government claimed.

Item: Clark’s government made stuff up about the deficit. Back in 2012, Clark’s government stated that they had posted a $1.8-billion deficit for the 2011/12 fiscal year.

One small problem: According to BC’s Auditor-General, the deficit was half-a-billion dollars bigger than Clark’s government said it was.

Item: Christy Clark made up 3 different estimates in 3 days. How much is the BC government spending to combat fentanyl overdoses? That depends which day you ask the question

One small problem: Asked late last year, Clark said it was more than $10 million. The next day? $15 million. By Thursday, her estimate had nearly tripled.

Item: Christy Clark’s government made stuff up about BC’s natural resources. How bountiful are BC’s of natural riches?

One small problem: Clark’s government claimed BC “has more than an estimated 2,900 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of marketable shale gas reserves” – that’s more methane than the entire United States.

But according to a report from a former Natural Resources Canada expert, Clark’s government exaggerated the size of the buried treasure by quite a bit. The actual amount of natural gas is estimated at one sixty-fifth what Clark’s government claimed it was.

Some further fact checking of Liberal statements?

Job Creation – Three top economists state that the employment growth Christy Clark claims credit for was more “Lucky”, “Serendipitous” and “Cyclical.” Economists quoted are Iglika Ivaova, Senior Economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Helmut Pastrick, Chief Economist Central 1 Credit Union and Benjamin Tal, the Deputy Chief Economist of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Author of a recent CIBC Economics Report “On the Quality of Employment in Canada”. The consensus of their views are as follows:

Item -What were the main reasons for job creation? Low Interest Rates and the 75 cent dollar!

Item – Most jobs created? The service industry, tourism, TV and film.

Item – Job prospects? Slim to none outside of the big cities, they are actually losing jobs in the interior and the north.

Item – How much could be due to provincial programs? VERY LITTLE!

Item – Increase in jobs? Mainly due to market forces.

NOTE: As I have said before which is pretty well backed up by the professional economists, governments receive far too much credit and far too much blame relating to the performance of their economies. As stated above, the Liberals benefitted by low interest rates and the 75 cent dollar and add to that the housing boom that they have let get out of control.

The NDP Record:

According to a BC Business Council study called “A Decade Review of British Columbia’s Economic Performance” the following stand out –

In GDP Growth:

Social Credit 2.12%, the BC Liberals 2.36% and the NDP 2.72%. The NDP were the best of the three.

In Job Creation:

BC Liberals 1.58%, Social Credit 1.91% and the NDP 2.17%. The NDP were the best of the three.

In Debt:

The NDP Record on Debt according to the Huffington Post feature on the lost decade tells another story –

When Social Credit left office in 1991, the provincial debt was $20 Billion.

When the NDP left office in 2001, they left a surplus of $1.2 Billion and a debt of $33.8 Billion.

The B.C. Liberal debt load as of this year is $167.7 Billion ($66.7 Billion plus an additional $101.1 Billion in contractual obligations.)

A B.C. Liberal Campaign of Dirty Tricks!

As I said I have been there, while I was putting this BLOG Post together my memory went back to an incident in the 1991 election.

In the infamous Provincial election campaign that I ran in for Social Credit in 1991 we were severely slumping in the polls, so our esteemed Central Campaign, headed by none other than Patrick Kinsella, (remember him, part of the B.C. Liberal group and good friend of Rich Coleman Deputy Liberal Campaign Chair) had an official looking tax invoice sent to ALL residents in the Province of B.C., unknown to any of us candidates before-hand, FIVE DAYS before ELECTION DAY. This very official looking tax notice purported to represent the cost of an NDP Government to each household in the Province SHOULD THE NDP BE ELECTED. Well the reaction was swift and severe. The public stormed our campaign offices throwing THESE NOTICES at our staff (ask my wife), Social Credit was reduced to a rump group of 7 Seats, the NDP were swept into Government and many of us candidates went to war with the Party Executive and the Party insiders of the day AGAINST THE ACTIONS OF THE Central Campaign. (It is interesting that some of those same insiders are still hanging around the B.C. Liberal Party to this day.)

Item – Well, as we would have expected comes a B.C. Business Council / Business in Vancouver Op-Ed feature by Jock Finlayson and Ken Peacock doing their best to instill fear into voters hearts by predicting a significant marginal tax rate IF the NDP are elected. Well folks this is nothing more than a manufactured set up by the movers and shakers, a threat by the well healed and a threat by the power brokers in our society. This is taking another avenue for the fake tax invoice scheme of the 90s Don’t be fooled!

This op-ed is doing nothing BUT drawing assumptions (to assume makes an ass out of u and me) from an NDP platform that has been fully costed, a platform that our finance Minister Mike DeJong, while trying, COULD NOT make a case against it and it was well publicized that he looked foolish trying. Suggesting your tax rate is going to go up by committing to the Pattullo Bridge falls into the lies, gossip and innuendo category. We are talking capital spending which would fall into long term debt, not something that is paid for through General Revenue. We might add it would be the same as the $3.2 Billion Massey Bridge project the Liberals are planning that the NDP will cancel. The NDP platform is taking the B.C. Liberal Budget and changing priorities. Now one just has to look at the B.C. Liberal record of increasing our debt to see a train wreck in the process. It is too bad the B.C. Business Council would not come out with an opinion on our debt ravaged province, but then again it would be against their personal self-serving interests.

Item – The B.C. Liberals have an old beaten down truck with signs all over it shadowing John Horgan’s tour bus. It speaks to a NO Holes barred campaign of doing whatever it takes.

Item – TV and Radio Ads – Loaded with Alternative Facts (just the new age term for lies). It is unfortunate that we didn’t have legislation surrounding truth in advertising, if that was the case it would submarine the B.C. Liberal Campaign.

Item – Quick Wins Ethnic Outreach Scandal – The actions of the B.C. Liberals beginning in 2013 dealing with Ethnic Outreach resulted in resignations of Public Servants and a Cabinet Minister in 2013 and Election Act Charges in 2014 against two staff members of the B.C. Liberal Party. They engaged in using government time and resources to engage with ethnic communities for partisan purposes. Charges to two Liberal staffers with violations of the election act as well as failing to disclose financial contributions. A longtime Liberal operative was also charged by the RCMP in 2016 with breach of trust. Most of this happened AFTER the last election, has anything changed? NOT! It is still before the courts!

Item – “Pay-to-Play” “Best Government Money Can Buy” “Cash for Access” “The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash” – You pick the term you like, they all fit. The B.C. Liberals are currently under RCMP Investigation with a Special Prosecutor appointed!

ItemBREAKING NEWS – Re-introducing a Value Added HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) –  I include this as part of the B.C. Liberal Dirty Tricks Campaign because it was innocently raised by a B.C. Liberal back bencher while in a Chamber of Commerce all candidates meeting. I say a Dirty Trick because it was obviously intended to be kept quiet during the campaign. I say obviously because the Premier was quick to say that an HST would not be introduced while she was Premier BUT she was not against introducing a Value Added Sales Tax which is similar to a General Sales Tax. A little education for our Premier, Wikepedia states “The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a consumption tax in Canada. It is used in provinces where both the federal goods and services tax (GST) and the regional provincial sales tax (PST) have been combined into a single value added sales tax! Clark adds “Clark says the party is not considering bringing in HST but would look at a value added tax”. What the hell is the difference – Value Added? General Sales Tax? – either one, they are intended to harmonize the PST and the GST! The result of introducing this tax would be a substantial annual impact on the average consumer as many more products and services would be impacted by this move. UPDATE: Now, only after considerable heat came out and said the answer is NO to the HST and a VAT, however she still suggests some kind of Tax Reform? Well, in her comments above, does that not translate into some kind of manufactured “General Sales Tax?” After the lies from the Liberals in the past (Gordon Campbell saying NO before an election, and implementing it after) there is absolutely NO ROOM TO TRUST THE B.C. Liberals!

Summary: So nothing has changed. We are seeing a sleezy campaign by the B.C. Liberals led from within by some of the group I had the unfortunate opportunity of having to work with years ago. But what has been generated by this group of B.C. Liberals is over the top! They have taken very questionable actions by government to NEW heights. It is clear that now we are in the last week of the campaign that they are pulling out ALL stops, BUT as a life-long free enterpriser I can tell you, DO NOT TRUST THE B.C. LIBERALS. In this referendum (the 2017 election on May 9th) results in the election of the B.C. Liberals, ALL bets are off. They would see that election as your approval of their wide spread wrong doing. Trust me, we have seen this in spades in the past.

Choices? Vote Split? Green Party? – Now at this stage in the process (last week) there is absolutely no room to gamble and vote for the Green Party. You may or may not like to hear that statement. I know the passion and dedication taxpayers put into their cause in support of their favored party, I get it, I have been there for decades. The poll of Monday this week lays that out the problem in spades. The Greens are only at 12% Province wide and there is no question that the vast majority of their votes would otherwise go to the NDP! The fact is there is NO chance for them to be government and being a minority back bencher gives you nothing. Any gamble that they could form the balance of power in a minority government is just too risky, we cannot afford that gamble.

BEFORE YOU VOTE – Please consider your vote very carefully and the ramifications IF the B.C. Liberals get a stamp of approval. All bets are off if that is the case!



I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to the Province, the Region and the Municipality, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!


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