Fraser Valley Community Passenger Rail…. Liberals No – NDP YES! – VOTE NDP!

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The residents of this region are very fortunate, thanks to a previous Government who protected and saved the Fraser Valley Passenger Corridor (Known as the Interurban Corridor) for Passenger Service for the people of B.C., in perpetuity at NO COST! This is THE common sense transportation option READY NOW for the fast growing Fraser Valley, South of the Fraser. The estimated population by 2025 (Provincial statistics) will be 1,313,732.

Want to know the full story and what it looks like? Click on “S. Fraser Community Rail” on the bar above and then click on the video to start. It is a 25 minute professionally produced video by Shaw Cable sponsored by the South of Fraser Community Rail Task Force of 2009 utilizing complimentary helicopter services between the Pattullo Bridge and Chilliwack. It paints the complete picture of what we are missing and what we need!

NOTE: The South of Fraser Community Rail Task Force was terminated by the current Mayor, Jack Froese, in the Township of Langley after I left office in 2011. We can only assume this was per the wishes of the B.C. Liberal Government as they are closely aligned with the current Mayor and were not thrilled by our activity. I also have it on good authority that I am not very popular in CP Rail’s board room, as we renewed the rights for Passenger Service a short four months BEFORE they were due to expire forever. This is probably another reason why the Task Force was not extended. FYI – CP have been large contributors to the B.C. Liberal Party, just saying!     

These passenger rights were protected at the time of the sale of rolling stock and tracks to Itel of Chicago in 1988 the forerunner to Southern Rail. To allow the re-establishing of this service between the Pattullo Bridge and Chilliwack, the passenger rights were renewed on the joint section thanks to B.C. Hydro and South of Fraser Municipal Councils in 2009. These passenger rights, previously unknown, were a very significant find on behalf of the people of B.C.

This corridor was designed for the movement of PEOPLE, goods, services and the opening up of the Fraser Valley (electrification and logging) over 100 years ago, decommissioned over 50 years ago BUT protected for passenger service 29 years ago by the Provincial Government of the day at NO COST!

We are looking at a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a transportation link who’s net value to the citizens of the Province of B.C. and to specifically the lower mainland is PRICELESS, you do the math.

The Liberals have said no but the NDP have displayed a vision for today into the future in support of setting up a South of Fraser Community Rail Task Force comprised of all transportation stakeholders. This Passenger Rail Corridor would serve the residents of Delta, City of Surrey, Langley City, City of Abbotsford, City of Chilliwack over 1.3 million citizens, the Abbotsford International Airport (530,000 per year) and numerous Industrial Parks. This cost effective service, to and from the Fraser Valley and Vancouver will connect seven post-secondary institutions; Simon Fraser University Surrey Center, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campuses in Newton, Cloverdale and Langley, Trinity Western University in Langley, the University of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford (UFV) and the Canada Education Park in Chilliwack; The estimated daily student enrollment and staff at these institutions number over 51,000, currently these institutions have inadequate or no transportation services.

All of this, over 99.23km, at a cost that is 1/2 of the proposed cost to go 18km from Surrey Center to Langley City.  

WHY? Here are the Benefits!

Very Cost Effective

99.23 kms from Scott Road to Chilliwack that is HALF the Cost of the projected Surrey Town Center to Langley City (18.1 km) down Fraser Highway!

1/10 the cost per km over Skytrain or Light Rail down Fraser Highway!

99.23 kms from Scott Road to Chilliwack that is FREE to the Province for passenger service (no user fees) unlike the Westcoast Express which costs millions of taxpayer dollars in user fees to Canadian Pacific (CP) per year!

Protects The Environment

Eliminates the need to clear cut a large amount of the Green Timbers Urban Forest in Surrey to run Light Rail down the Fraser Highway as currently planned by Translink!

Protection of the environment, reducing the number of cars within the Fraser Valley air shed. (A well-known major issue for at least 6 months of every year!)

Protection of the environment utilizing NEW European Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology!

Boosts Economic Growth

Directly BOOSTS economic growth through the low cost movement of residents South of the Fraser!

Direct access to the Abbotsford International Airport for passenger and employment access up and down the valley!

Creation of 1000’s of good paying jobs over a 5 – 10 year implementation plan!

Provides Ease of Movement

Would support and form an integral part of a coordinated and comprehensive transportation network for 1.3 million South of Fraser residents and a combined close to 3 million residents to be able to move between North and West Vancouver, Vancouver out to Chilliwack using Seabus, Skytrain and the latest in Light Rail Technology!

Connecting SEVEN University Campuses and 51,000 Students and Staff South of the Fraser between Surrey and Chilliwack.

Connects 27 Communities, University Campuses, Industrial Parks, Airports and Special Interest venues!

Improves Access to Advanced Education Institutions

There are SEVEN University Campuses South of the Fraser who’s major obstacle today is very limited or NO transportation access for staff and students. A Community Light Rail service from the Pattullo Bridge to Chilliwack would advance student’s access to Post Secondary Institutions. Through a Spine and Rib system (Bus feeder system the same as Sky Train) access would be gained to Simon Fraser University Surrey Center, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campuses in Newton, Cloverdale and Langley, Trinity Western University in Langley, the University of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford (UFV) and the Canada Education Park in Chilliwack; The estimated daily student enrollment and staff at these institutions currently number over 51,000, with with very limited to no transportation for students and staff.

Promotes Fraser Valley Tourism

Open up the Fraser Valley and it’s vast number of attractions from Parks, Wineries, local annual celebrations, Museums and Heritage Sites to Tourism with access from Vancouver to Chilliwack!


It is long past time that we focus our attention on an affordable, effective and state of the art community passenger service in light rail that is featured in most progressive countries throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of Sky Train technology. A NEW (environmentally friendly) Hydrogen driven passenger service network would be an option moving forward. All of this on a corridor that is already in place at NO user cost!

Once again this well established transportation corridor would re-connect the municipalities and Cities of Delta, Surrey, Langley City, Langley Township, Abbotsford and Chilliwack by rail that was decommissioned back in 1950. Remember the NDP initiatives Sea Bus and West Coast Express, they are all popular and still going strong!





I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to the Province, the Region and the Municipality, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

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