I am a life-long Free Enterpriser…. And I am voting NDP! Enough IS Enough, Put Province BEFORE Party!!!

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

As I said in my previous post the Clark / Coleman B.C. Liberal Government has lost their Moral and Ethical right and ability to govern! Under the leadership (lack of) by Clark / Coleman or Coleman / Clark – they have become Morally and Ethically BANKRUPT!

This is a difficult decision, BUT IT IS THE RIGHT DECISION!

For the record since 1975 I have been a worker, a member, a constituency executive member, a constituency Vice President, a President, Central Campaign Chair, Campaign Chair, a Whistler leadership convention delegate, a Provincial Convention Plenary Chair, fundraiser and a Provincial Candidate, all of this with Social Credit. I was a life member. I had been appointed by Bill Bennett to the Delta Police Board for six years!

My decision to go public with supporting the NDP is THE result of the unending arrogance, bullying, unethical and immoral actions of those in this government. They have taken governance in our Province to a NEW LOW, a place where no self-respecting free enterpriser should be comfortable.

By any measure the B.C. Liberals score the lowest of all time on ETHICS, MORALITY and NOT BEING TRUSTWORTHY!

Now, I have heard from some old friends and allies who want to continue to use the old fear tactic and compare all NDP governments with the same brand in other parts of the country and in our past. Well folks that thinking is bordering on insanity – should we compare this Liberal Government with that of Ontario? Can we compare the Christy Clark Government with that of Bill Bennett NOT even close! As I said in my earlier posts, Governments get far too much blame and credit for their actions. Different regions of our country have been hit economically at different times for different reasons, that is a fact! I am a Conservative federally but contrary to popular belief the problems in Alberta started under the Conservative Party, long before the NDP. That was the case of the Conservatives being in too long, NOT truly renewing, becoming so arrogant that the public said NO MORE!  

So we knew this election campaign was going to get dirty and it is, just look at the Liberal Ads. A tactic that I find reprehensible (and I have seen most) is this truck the Liberals have following the NDP Campaign Bus around with banners and print material full of lies. Well this tactic reflects the panic currently within the Liberal ranks but it is also a reflection on Rich Coleman and his bullying style of politics. Personal attacks on candidates, is that what this campaign has come down to? Disgusting! Coleman is the Liberal Campaign Co-Chair so he must be behind these actions! Bluster, threats and bullying is all this man knows. Given the Liberals actions of dirty politics it reminds me of an incident that I experienced first-hand as a candidate. A look back is in order!

In the infamous Provincial election campaign that I ran in for Social Credit in 1991 we were severely slumping in the polls, so our esteemed Central Campaign, headed by none other than Patrick Kinsella, (remember him, part of the B.C. Liberal group and good friend of Rich Coleman Deputy Liberal Campaign Chair) had an official looking tax invoice sent to ALL residents in the Province of B.C., unknown to any of us candidates before-hand, FIVE DAYS before ELECTION DAY. This very official looking tax notice purported to represent the cost of an NDP Government to each household in the Province SHOULD THE NDP BE ELECTED. Well the reaction was swift and severe. The public stormed our campaign offices throwing THESE NOTICES at our staff (ask my wife), Social Credit was reduced to a rump group of 7 Seats, the NDP were swept into Government and many of us candidates went to war with the Party Executive and the Party insiders of the day AGAINST THE ACTIONS OF THE Central Campaign. (It is interesting that some of those same insiders are still hanging around the B.C. Liberal Party to this day.)

So to today’s actions by the Liberal Government and their campaign of BS, FEAR, BULLYING and INTIMIDATION – All of this fits the B.C. Liberal mentality, their bullying, their fear of defeat and their reputation, all, given his position authored and led by Rich Coleman! They are operating under the theory the best defense is a good offence.

Their Campaign worked in 2013, DON’T let it work in 2017!!

Remember the promises of 2013 about paying down debt – a lie, DEBT increased by over $10 Billion! Remember the promise of a Prosperity Fund fed by Five LNG Plants that would be up and running led by Rich Coleman, “Minister of Gas” – a lie, NOT ONE under construction!

And the B.C. Liberals want to talk about prudent fiscal management? If it wasn’t for lies they would have nothing to say at all!!! They don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Following my previous post’s list and detail of reasons why we shouldn’t vote this corrupt and unethical government in, I will continue adding to that list but first I will remind everyone of the opinion of two other very prominent free enterprisers plus that of the Tyee – just in case you missed the links in the previous post.

Martyn Brown was former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s long serving Chief of Staff, the top strategic advisor to three provincial party leaders, and a former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment in British Columbia. I knew Martin from my days with Social Credit. I have shared a link (below) to one of his six very professional writings on reasons to defeat the B.C. Liberal Government. The following is titled “Prosecuting the B.C. Liberals” published in the Georgia Straight.


The Tyee – Published a piece titled B.C. Liberal Campbell Falsehoods Scandals, the link is below:


Rafe Mair former Socred Cabinet Minister – The Common Sense Canadian


A recap of the list of issues in my previous BLOG Post:

Quick Wins Ethnic Outreach Scandal – Resulted in resignations and charges!

“Pay-to-Play” “Best Government Money Can Buy” “Cash for Access” “The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash” – Millions in foreign campaign contributions, broken election laws, RCMP investigating and a Special Prosecutor! “The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash” a claim Rich Coleman called laughable in a display of pure arrogance towards the public. How funny is it now Rich! From the National Post “The Best Government Money Can Buy” B.C.’s donor system is at odds with most of Canada. Quote from Rich Coleman (in Kamloops) “As far as I am concerned we haven’t changed anything, we’re not about to change anything.” Arrogance in it’s purest form, he is a poster boy for arrogance!

Clark received $50,000 per year from the Liberal Party, for what? (She received $300,000.) For being Premier, no she gets paid very well for that. For attending fundraisers, public and private events, that must be the answer. She, Coleman and the gang didn’t see anything wrong with it until the heat was raised and she asked the party to cancel the stipend and replace it with a reimbursement of expenses. Now, one has to wonder what that will total?

American donors banded together and gave $60,000 for Christy Clark to keep the Grizzly Trophy Hunt. Under pressure she recently banned the hunt in the Great Bear Rain Forest, but is still on in the rest of B.C.

Tore up legally binding contract with the Health Employees Union (HEU)! – Broke a duly negotiated contract!

Dismantled legally binding B.C. Teacher’s Federation Contract – 14 years in court, Supreme Court of Canada rules verbally in favor of BCTF in a half an hour (unheard of)!

Misrepresenting facts on energy crisis re Run of River Power – Set up contracts for Run of River Power with contracts costing the Public (YOU) twice the rate of conventional power in a buy back scheme with B.C. Hydro! Making friends wealthy!

Interference and bullying of Municipal Governments and Regional District Board Members: In the Township of Langley on issues such as Mufford Cresc, Brown’s Pit, Landfill on Ag. Land and no P3 as promised to the Public on the Langley Events Center.

Interference and bullying of Municipal Governments on efficiently and effectively managing and running Translink: The Evergreen Line Funding and the Mufford Crescent fight.

Health Firing Scandal: In what has to be the most disgusting acts of this Provincial Government, eight health researchers were fired in 2012, one committed suicide after this government publicly alleged the mishandling of sensitive data and contracting irregularities. The Province stated that every one of them was under RCMP investigation! That turned out to be a lie and much more.

Rich Coleman – In Debate on this year’s “Speech from the Throne” talking about those on Social Assistance; Coleman gives a lecture about poor people in BC – “They are not as poor as people in third world countries”! “A single person on social assistance in BC is double the annual income as a person in the third world”. That was REALLY brilliant Rich, and you are elected to serve the public, all of the public? How disgusting! On property issues and land deals, see our previous post, just saying! Political interference in Municipal politics; Robo Calls, email to Metro Chair over a court appeal case RE Township of Langley (found through FOI and published in a previous BLOG Post) and much more.

When asked why the B.C. Liberals aren’t doing more on housing affordability, here’s what the Minister said “I guess some people just have to get up and whine every day”! I believe there was another comment from Minister Coleman that housing in the lower mainland was not that expensive? Well Minister Coleman you have lost touch with reality!

Obscene amount of taxpayer paid Pre Election Government Ads and funding announcements “Bribing the general public with our own money” – Auditor General states ads are too political, asks for changes. Expenditure on pro Liberal Government paid ads total around $15 million. There is a court challenge against the Liberal Party for repayment of those funds.

B.C. Rail Scandal (Remember that one?) – Liberals tell the public during an election campaign B.C. Rail won’t be sold – after the election they sign a 999 year lease. Yes they treated the public like they were a bunch of idiots. Court case and then a settlement before the case starts, due to a plea deal. Just in time to save some Ministers from having to testify. The smell still hangs over Victoria. FYI according to a report in the Vancouver Sun in 2013, BC Rail still exists with no trains, a short spur line by Roberts Bank and employs 20 executives and staff that collectively made nearly $4 million in 2012. (There is much more to be said on this one)

$3.2 Billion 10 Lane Massey Bridge Tunnel Replacement – With NO consultation or discussion Christy Clark comes out of nowhere promising this now infamous structure just before the 2013 election. Building a 10 lane bridge leading to a four lane highway and road system at an outrageous cost, why? An expansion of the tunnel would come at a fraction of the price.

Kinder Morgan Pipe Line – More Pay to Play / HUGE Environmental Risk – Kinder Morgan donates $771,000 to the B. C. Liberals, low and behold they get approval for the twinning of their Pipe Line which means an increase from 5 tankers a month to 34 per month through our pristine waters and through our harbor!!! The RISK will increase exponentially!

Deletegate – Christy Clarke Government was publicly chastised for their habit of triple deleting emails so as to have NO record of communication that should be available through the Freedom of Information Act.

Under the Liberals B.C. Hydro’s obligations have increased by + $74 Billion – (Rafe Mair / Common Sense Canadian) Under the B.C. Liberals B.C. Hydro’s real debt – including ALL contractual obligations – in constant dollars has increased by 1,337%, from $6 Billion in 2005 to $80.2 Billion today. (This total comes from Hydro’s most recent Annual Report 2016). And these people bill themselves as strong managers of the economy and business?

Under the Liberals True Debt has skyrocketed – (Rafe Mair / Common Sense Canadian) “Here are the real statistics as the B. C. Liberals claim to be delivering “balanced” budgets while the province’s financial obligations increased $72 billion in the last six years, more than the provincial debt in B.C.’s first 135 years! Liberals claim of a balanced budget relies on accounting fashioned to mislead voters. It results in absurd situations such as: keeping B.C. Hydros’ huge debt off the government books while including “dividends” from B.C. Hydro as revenue, although the utility has to borrow the money shifted into provincial accounts; and dividing expenditures into ordinary (operating) and extraordinary (capital) expense, while counting only the former as a budgetary expense.”

Hydro’s debt presents a RISK to B. C.’s credit rating: Moody’s Report!

In the 2013 election campaign, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and the gang ran on a Debt Free B.C. slogan!

And they are talking about the NDP?

Liberals Post Private Data on their web-site – then accuse NDP of hacking their system: In an unbelievable action Christy Clark blames the NDP for hacking the Liberal Computer system and then finds the Liberals had posted the private data in question on their web-site. She claims that the RCMP will investigate, but after finding out the facts there is NO public apology. She leaves an apology in a phone message. A disgusting act by a Premier, she is in over her head.

Bus Passes for the disabled – On the IMMORAL SIDE the Clark Government clawed back discounted Bus Passes for over 55,000 disabled British Columbians. They had to pay $579. More!


We could go on and on and on but in closing lets get to the NDP Platform just released. Now remember, as a member of the Free Enterprise movement for decades I have railed against the NDP and their platform. There was always more ammunition than we needed for our attacks. Well I have to tell you that I have gone through this platform in detail and I like what I see. It brings ethics and morality back to Victoria. It brings Fiscal responsibility back recognizing that the Liberals have gutted so many areas of our social infrastructure there is an absolute need to address the now significant shortfall in many areas. But you certainly don’t have to take my word for it, the following is a feature Martyn Brown, Gordon Campbells Chief of Staff wrote in the Georgia Straight. It is titled –

“On balance, John Horgan’s platform works for me” Here is the link –


We need a government that will agree to take big money and favors for corporate friends out of governance and bring respect back to British Columbia. If you look at the actions of this B.C. Liberal Government that I have listed and detailed over my last BLOG Post and this one, in my opinion there are just too many to ignore. I have bantered back and forth with many on Facebook and continue to hear from some disbelievers that there is too much risk to electing the NDP, I am here to tell you that there is far too much risk to keep this government in office.

Our Province as we knew it and loved it is being fundamentally changed into something I am not proud of. I have done my due diligence, I have gone and met John Horgan, I like what I see and hear. I have been close to a few Premiers and a number of Cabinet Ministers in the past and I believe I can discern qualities in leaders when I see them. He is a quality person, a quality human being, someone I am totally comfortable in supporting. I believe that is saying something! We need your vote in support of the NDP! My family and friends were in shock at first, but are-understanding why I feel so passionately about this issue. It makes for interesting family dinner conversations.

Stay tuned, there is more coming on the Provincial Election shortly!


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to the Province, the Region and the Municipality, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!

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