Well, “HELL has frozen over”…. I am VOTING NDP !!! Enough is enough!! A decision carefully and thoughtfully spelled out….Read-On!

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Our B.C. Liberal Government has lost their Moral and Ethical right and ability to govern…. Enough is Enough! What has been happening in this province under the leadership of Clark / Coleman or Coleman / Clark, take your pick – is nothing short of a Moral and Ethical disaster in EVERY sense of the word! Regular readers of this BLOG will be well aware, but for those that aren’t, I have been a staunch free enterpriser ALL of my voting life! This is a difficult decision, BUT IT IS THE RIGHT DECISION!

Since 1975 I have been a worker, a member, a constituency executive member, a constituency Vice President, a President, Central Campaign Chair, Campaign Chair, a Whistler leadership convention delegate, a Provincial Convention Plenary Chair, fundraiser and a Provincial Candidate, all of this with Social Credit. I was a life member. I had been appointed by Bill Bennett to the Delta Police Board for six years!

I (we) have gone through good times, difficult times and bad times, we tried to deal internally with needed change within our Provincial Party of the day, BUT I have never been so completely disgusted as I am today by the actions and governance of the current B.C. Liberal Government. It is ALL an incestuous game, pitting and protecting friends and insiders against and at the expense of the citizens of the Province of British Columbia. Are we all going to continue to mindlessly and blindly support their continued actions…? I sincerely hope not! It is long past time we put our PROVINCE ahead of Party! 

The Clark / Coleman B.C. Liberal Government is Morally and Ethically bankrupt, unfit to govern this province. Put it another way, they are morally and ethically corrupt!! This election on May 9th will be a referendum on how this government is performing! Does their record (read below) meet your ethical and moral standards? It doesn’t meet mine, it doesn’t come close! Are you willing to compromise your self-respect, you know “hold your nose” to vote for this bunch despite their record! Well we are not!

For those who continue to want to excuse what’s happening with the line “ALL Politicians are the same” – here is a message “We will all be better off as soon as the majority of us voters stiffen our resolve, expectations and demand better government”. I am frankly sick and tired of the seemed willingness to excuse away the actions of an incompetent and self-serving bad government! This group gives Free Enterprise a bad name!

Remember that saying “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”!    

Anyone that knows me and my background will be shocked, I am sure. Having said that, they will also remember my stand over the years on ethics – right and wrong! I do not come to this decision easily, but there comes a time when I have to break with the philosophy I truly believe in, in favor of a moral and ethical decision to do what is right. I have said many times throughout my business and political career that I have always been bothered by those extremists who blindly support, left or right, their philosophically favored government of the day and ignore the unethical and immoral actions of a bad government. Well for me, NO longer and I urge my many friends and past supporters who may be surprised by my public stand and disclosure to think very hard about the choice they are being asked to make May 9th 2017 in our upcoming Provincial Election! I can tell you that many close friends feel the same way as I do and will be following suit!

It is interesting that my family originally got involved politically in 1975, joining the Social Credit Party to defeat Dave Barrett of the NDP. I went on to become very active in politics, Municipal, Provincial and Federal. I was a Delta Alderman (1987 – 90) and a Social Credit candidate for Delta North in the infamous election of 1991 and went down to defeat with many very good candidates. That defeat was well deserved as the Social Credit Party had become too arrogant, very much like but not nearly as bad or even close to the current B.C. Liberal Government.

The age old arguments of instilling fear about voting for the NDP is still being used to this day. I used it back in the day BUT that was in support of a much different political product than what free enterprise has available to us today. I remember the arguments used by WAC Bennett and to a lesser degree by Bill Bennett that the “Socialist Hordes were at the gate”. With the abysmal record of the B.C. Liberal Government the only tired argument that the Liberals will use this time around is built around driving fear into the hearts of voters.

Now if I/we were to be truthful, a little fact checking is in order on the NDPs terms in office. As anyone involved in economics knows governments get all too much blame and all too much credit for GDP growth and unemployment numbers while in office. The economy is cyclical from decade to decade. Comparing a possible Horgan government with what happened under Glenn Clark or Mike Harcourt is like comparing a Bill Bennett Government to a Christy Clark Government, you just can’t do it. We can see some of what the NDP left us like – West Coast Express, Sea Bus, ICBC, and the Agricultural Land Reserve – I don’t see any uproar in our province – party or public – to get rid of those initiatives by a free enterprise government?

So why, after all this time have I reached my breaking point? Well, it is the compound non-stop accumulation of issues and breaches in moral and ethical conduct, all due to poor government leadership – it is still questionable who is the real Premier, Clark or Coleman? As I said earlier they have lost their moral and ethical right to govern. They are Morally and Ethically Bankrupt!

So why should we rid ourselves of the current Liberal Government, there are more substantial reasons than are necessary to make that decision – but let’s start with the views of a few others!

Martyn Brown was former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s long serving Chief of Staff, the top strategic advisor to three provincial party leaders, and a former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment in British Columbia. I knew Martin in my days with Social Credit. I have shared a link (below) to one of his six very professional writings on reasons to defeat the B.C. Liberal Government. The following is titled “Prosecuting the B.C. Liberals” published in the Georgia Straight.


The Tyee has also published a piece titled B.C. Liberal Campbell Falsehoods Scandals, the link is below:


The Common Sense Canadian – Rafe Mair former Socred Cabinet Minister


It is long past time that we put PROVINCE ahead of Party!

Some of the MANY Reasons for my decision!

Quick Wins Ethnic Outreach Scandal – The actions of the B.C. Liberals beginning in 2013 dealing with Ethnic Outreach resulted in resignations of Public Servants and a Cabinet Minister in 2013 and Election Act Charges in 2014 against two staff members of the B.C. Liberal Party. They engaged in using government time and resources to engage with ethnic communities for partisan purposes. Charges to two Liberal staffers with violations of the election act as well as failing to disclose financial contributions. A longtime Liberal operative was also charged by the RCMP in 2016 with breach of trust. Most of this happened AFTER the last election, has anything changed? NOT!

“Pay-to-Play” “Best Government Money Can Buy” “Cash for Access” “The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash” – You pick the term you like, they all fit: Now I have been up to my neck in right wing politics for the best part of 40 years and I thought I had seen it all but NOTHING can match this discredited bunch of B.C. Liberals! Catching the attention of the New York Times who have branded us “The Wild West of Canadian Political Cash”, a term our Deputy Premier Rich Coleman calls “laughable”, pretty well sums up Coleman’s and the B.C. Liberal Government’s arrogance.

We now have an RCMP investigation plus a Special Prosecutor looking into the actions of the B.C. Liberal Government. So far there is about $100,000 in illegal donations to the B.C. Liberals which is being returned with many more in question where they claim clerical errors which won’t be returned. Now I ask you, can you truly believe that BS?

How laughable is it now Rich Coleman?

Pay to Play, if you don’t believe that, just review the stacks of Media reviews on Government awarded contracts to donors of the B.C. Liberal Government! It says it all.

The Clark Government has been challenged for years to change Election Finance Laws, despite all of the recent news both Coleman and Clark say nothing is going to change. Well Rich I guess it is now up to the public to make that decision.   

Tore up a legally binding contract with the HEU! – I am a staunch free enterpriser but I find that actions of breaking a duly negotiated contract completely in bad faith and totally unethical!

Dismantled a previously agreed to contract with the B.C. Teachers Federation – Clark, as Minister of Education – ripped up a previously agreed to contract with the BCTF, a move that has gone through three court cases, a 14 year legal battle and it took the Supreme Court of our Country a half hour to rule in favor of the B.C. Teachers Federation at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars. In actual fact it caused a generation of our kids to do without adequate education resources. It was morally and ethically irresponsible.

Misrepresenting the facts suggesting an energy crisis in B.C. – With Coleman as Minister, set up independent run of river power producers by contract so that B.C. Hydro (your tax dollars) would buy back power from them at twice the market rate. – Your tax dollars at work benefitting friends and insiders. Reckless and irresponsible!

Interference and bullying of Municipal Governments and Regional District Board Members: As the Mayor of the Township of Langley I paid the price for battling and going against the Provincial Government in support of our residents on the Mufford Crescent Overpass (we won saving about 350 acres of farmland), Brown’s Pit (saved a shallow drinking water aquifer) against the ravages of gravel mining, Land Fill on Agricultural Land and making public the fact that that there was NO P3 agreement as promised by the Provincial Government and our MLAs on the Langley Events Center. In the Township we experienced ROBO calls from MLA Rich Coleman and the obvious use of Provincial Party Paid resources (a number of election polls anyone) in the Municipal election process.

Interference and bullying of Municipal Governments on efficiently and effectively managing and running Translink: After my election as Mayor of the Township of Langley in 2008 I received a crash course on the intimidation and bullying that goes on by the Province under the existing management structure as a member of the Mayor’s Translink Council. Issues where intimidation existed?

  • The Evergreen Line funding (Province insisted on municipalities increasing property tax. They LOST)
  • Mufford Crescent Overpass was initially a Translink led project. (Province insisted on the original plan dissecting approximately 350 acres of farmland. They LOST)

It also became very clear who was doing the Provinces bidding at the Board table against the majority of Mayors in the region. On the top of that list was none other than surprise, surprise – Peter Fassbender who was at odds with many at the table. Peter showed his stripes in spades and is doing the same thing at the Provincial level. Just think, as recently as three weeks ago Peter stated that the Province would not put up more than 30% of the funding on major Metro Vancouver projects and that was it. Within the past week the Liberals have agreed to a 40% commitment. It is amazing what happens on the eve of an election.

Health Firing Scandal: (From the Province April 2nd 2017) In what has to be the most disgusting acts of this Provincial Government, eight health researchers were fired in 2012 after this government publicly alleged the mishandling of sensitive data and contracting irregularities. The Province stated that every one of them was under RCMP investigation! That turned out to be a lie!

The result, one of the fired, Roderick MacIsaac committed suicide and four years later the Province settled lawsuits by those fired, rehired a number of researchers and apologized to the MacIsaac family. After hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are no closer to the answers sought.

The Ombudsmen Jay Chalke entered the fray in 2015. He has spent 17 months going through more than 4 million documents. Today he released his damming report entitled “MISFIRE”! A few conclusions:

  • Terminations were not supportable in any way!
  • MacIsaac DID NOT deserve to be fired – the shame of this accusation caused his suicide.
  • The civil service leadership supported by the B.C. Liberal Government leadership jumped to conclusions without any supporting evidence.
  • Publicly stated RCMP were investigating those involved at the press conference when in fact – That was a complete lie!
  • A flawed and unjustifiably rushed internal probe!
  • Premier Christy Clark’s government misled the public!
  • Premier Clark’s apology to the MacIsaac’s family came too late!

And then after all of this the Premier passes the buck to the Deputy Minister to the Premier and Head of the Public Service to apologize on behalf of the Public Service? What is that? Total absence of guts and leadership to step forward and accept fault in this egregious incident that was so devastating to so many!!

Rich Coleman – In Debate on this year’s “Speech from the Throne” talking about those on Social Assistance. Coleman gives a lecture about poor people in BC – “They are not as poor as people in third world countries”! “A single person on social assistance in BC is double the annual income as a person in the third world”. That was REALLY brilliant Rich, and you are elected to serve the public, all of the public? How disgusting!

Issues surrounding property, land deals? No accusations here, just saying! It is instructive to know that Rich Coleman ran a real estate management and consulting company prior to becoming our MLA. During my successful run for Mayor of the Township I made quite an issue of the Wild West of land deals in our community – one of which was a 90+ acre Dixon Pit Township sale to a prominent resident in the Township. That deal was essentially 40 developable non ALR acres for $2 million. Actual estimates were in the $12 million – $15 million range in market value. In my meeting with Rich Coleman in February of 2008, just to introduce myself, he said “We are OK with the job the Mayor is doing” and “You are making noises about land deals” and closed by adding “I want you to know that we are OK with them”. It is also instructive to Google – Rich Coleman Wikipedia – and note a write up under Controversies headed Real-Estate Giveaway to Western Forest Products? (Just informing that it is there in writing) Also note that Rich Coleman has headed B.C. Housing in the Liberal Government for 12 years (back to 2005) that I can track (possibly longer) which to me, in my experience, is very unusual that one Minister carries a file with him for so many years. (Just saying) Now we have a (Van. Sun April 4th, 2017) a complaint filed with the RCMP involving the City of Vancouver, B.C. Housing, Developer Brenhill and Vancouver Realtor Bob Rennie. (Remember Rich’s comments that he is OK with land deals?) No accusations, just saying!

Obscene amount of taxpayer paid Pre Election Government Ads and funding announcements “Bribing the general public with our own money” – The Auditor General, Carol Bellringer has informed the BC Liberal Government that the province’s television ad campaign needs to reconsider its content. They are too political. There is also a court challenge of the expenditure which is being suggested to be around $15 million of tax payer dollars. On spending the B.C. Government sent out 30 news releases in 7 hours announcing over $2.3 Billion in spending this past Friday afternoon. 20 news-releases were issued between 1:30PM and 3:00PM last Friday totaled $76.6 Million. This government has taken arrogance and bullying to a new level – They must be stopped!

B.C. Rail Scandal (Remember that one?) Suffice to say it is far too involved to deal with in this space other than to say the Gordon Campbell Liberals ran in the election stating that B.C. Rail would NOT be sold but after the election they signed off on a lease to CN for 999 years. There was a court case involving a cancelled sale to Omnitrax of other assets, because of that transaction being tainted by an influence-peddling and bribery scandal resulting in convictions in 2010. The individuals involved pled guilty on a plea deal just prior to the trial getting underway, which was a scandal in itself. The trial never saw the light of day!

$3.2 Billion 10 Lane Massey Bridge Tunnel Replacement – In keeping with their practice of ignoring the wishes of local government including NO consultation or discussion Christy Clark comes out of nowhere promising this now infamous structure just before the last election. A 10 lane bridge leading to a 4 lane highway and road system at an outrageous cost, when an expansion of the tunnel would come at a fraction of the price.

NOTE: There are dozens more reasons to reject this government, more will be coming in subsequent posts coming between now and election-day.


So let’s see if I have this straight, the B.C. Liberals in 2013 campaigned on a few key election planks: (Note – The following is taken off their 2013 Campaign Brochure) These promises were thrown out there in 2013 in their effort to find a chance to win an election that all polls pointed to them losing – Guess what, it worked! Don’t let them get away with it this time!!!!!

  • Roadmap for a Debt Free B.C. with a Debt Pay Down Plan for BC Ferries and BC Hydro
    • NO Progress there, debt increased!
  • Create an LNG Industry that will mean 39,000 jobs during construction with another 75,000 created once in operation. Create $1 Trillion in economic activity and create the B.C. Prosperity Fund with $100 Billion over 30 years. Five LNG plants costing $98 Billion mean 100,000 jobs!
    • NO Progress there – LNG was a FRAUD perpetrated on the public from day 1! What was left out of this argument is the day exports commenced (if in anyone’s wild dreams it was ever to happen) we would be paying the world price for natural gas – example today’s domestic price from Fortis is $2.05 per GJ and the world spot price is $4.25 per GJ! Great deal Rich, over double our current household cost!
  • Control and reduce Spending reduce debt was the promise, well not quite –

2013 / 14 – BC Government Debt            $60.693 Billion  – Contract obligations $100 Billion

2016 / 17 – BC Government Debt            $65.292 Billion  – Contract obligations $101 Billion

  • NO Progress there, spending increased by 8% !

It is past time that all of us taxpayers reject the politics of big money, special deals for friends and insiders, immoral government policy and actions and buying our votes with our own tax dollars!

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the Liberal Party, that is a fact whether you want to hear it or not. This election is about defeating the B.C. Liberal Party, it’s arrogance and heavy handed government!

Before making my decision I met John Horgan. I found him to be very personable and committed to follow through on his party’s commitments while bringing integrity and ethics back to Victoria. I feel very comfortable with his leadership. It is time for the change that we need, and that is coming from a life-long free enterprise supporter and insider!!!!


I am working on a few posts at present that I believe are of significant concern to Township of Langley Residents, come back often for news of interest to Township residents.

Protect your Democratic Rights – Protect your NEIGHBORS Democratic Rights – stay informed, stay involved and VOTE!!!

Share this BLOG; forward it to your friends, neighbors and relatives!

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  1. Ralph M says:

    Thanks for this, Rick!!! I hope you’ll spread the message of encouraging people to vote strategically to defeat the BC Liberals.

    I honestly believe, as you do, that Clark has to be defeated soundly on May 9. There can be no chance of a Liberal minority where she can strike a side deal with Weaver, such as Ministry of Environment for support in a Liberal / Green coalition!

    I’m not looking for followers or social media glory, simply an end to the worst government in BC’s history! I’m only asking people to vote for the candidate in their riding who stands the best chance of defeating the Liberals on May 9.

    This includes five Greens – Andrew Weaver in Oak Bay-Gordon Head, Adam Olsen in Saanich North and The Islands, Sonia Furstenau in Cowichan Valley, Andy MacKinnon in Esquimalt-Metchosin, and Kalen Harris in Victoria-Beacon Hill.

    The carrot for both NDP and Greens will be, hopefully, some form of proportional representation in 2021. I’m not sure what your thoughts are on this, but I firmly believe that FPTP only works for a two party system, and right now in BC, we have three front-running parties.

    Anyways, my very very small Twitter site is @VoteStrategicBC, but a few people are beginning to use #votestrategicbc in their posts on Twitter. I’m also on Facebook @VoteStrategicBC

    You care about BC, as do I. Time is crucial to get BC back on course!

    Keep up your passionate work!

    • I think that the Greens are so desperate for power, that they would indeed join with the CORRUPT Liberals to form a minority government, but the truth is, it would be aLiberal dominated government.

      • I don’t believe that to be the case although the Greens are trying to be strategic. There opposition to removing the tolls doesn’t win them any votes South of the Fraser BUT their base ie Van Island etc would like it and feeds their desire to win party status ie 5 seats. It has to be played up in all parts of the Province by the NDP that the reason they are removing the polls is there are NO polls in a wide variety of highway and bridge projects throughout the Province including the Island Highway. Do the Greens favor tolls on the Island Highway, I don’t think so.

  2. johndeere46 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put all the facts together. I can understand how hard is to leave your political roots to make this stand, but as you say, “Enough is enough, is enough”.

  3. John Twigg says:

    I was planning to write an article like this but now you’ve saved me the trouble. Thank you VERY much!!
    John Twigg, Leader
    BC First Party
    Candidate in North Island

  4. fanaticflies says:

    Thank god! Logic prevails. Thank you for standing by your values. Too many have abandoned their values and principles. By standing up and speakjng out you are supporting the Canadian values I feel this government has absolutely disrespected and degraded.
    If British Columbians re-elect the B.C. Liberals it will be a sad statement that B.C. has lost its Canadian identity and that greed and selfishness dominate over all else.
    If that happens B.C. should start the application to become a U.S. state and conform to Trump’s standards too.

  5. Geri says:

    You spelt it out well. Since gordon Campbell taught this leader all his low life tricks it’s continued. Time for change.

  6. Dave Smith says:

    Insightful and well written article. I’m glad there are some people out there (like yourself) with a conscience. I never voted Socred, but after the past 16 years or so, I’d take Grace McCarthy, Vander Zalm, and Rita J., any day over the current gov’t.

  7. promowizard says:


  8. blake G says:

    Very good read Mr Green.Unfortunately they still do the same tricks.Coleman is the godfather here.Still in “development”….Very nasty crowd.Too bad you did not have much of help.”They”are very organized, i personally know how bad it is.But maybe one day things change.Although that crowd gets bigger as they attract new support.Sorry can’t say more.Got enough trouble for other comments in the media.

  9. R Knowles, B.Sc., Sr Associate says:

    Great information. I’m sorry however you cannot fully support the Green Party who I believe spells superior change from the incest that BC Politics has become. I get that you think it will split the vote to hand it to Libs again if voting Green but exactly when does democracy start and nepotism and incest end?

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